To maximize your hair growth, get rid of stress.

chelseaStudies show that stress prematurely terminates the normal duration of the anagen (or growing) phase in hair growth.  It literally stunts hair growth.

Exercise is a good way to relieve stress to get your hair growing fast!

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I’m receiving many messages asking if it’s too late to join The Challenge. Please know that it is ok to join the Challenge at any time. We’re growing hair together throughout 2014. It’s not a race. We’re here to support each other as we reach new lengths. So, be sure to add your info in the sign up box on the right side of this page to ensure that you stay abreast of all update and are eligible for all contests and giveaways.




Woohoo! Check me out! I’m getting a new look and feel!

As you can see, I’m in the process of revamping the site AND the forums.  I’m really excited because it will make it easier for me to manage the 2014 Hair Growth Challenge.  You’ll see more frequent video updates that will be posted right here on the blog.  Those posts will be shared across social […]

How Does Long & Healthy Essentials compare to Hairfinity Vitamins?

Long & Healthy

Hi Divas!  Ok, so I’ve already had this question asked of me several times since I’ve announced the release of Long & Healthy Essentials (Vitamin Complex for Hair Growth). Before I get to the side-by-side comparison of the ingredients labels, let me point out that supplementing your diet with vitamins, minerals and amino acids is […]