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Some of you already know me from sites around the Net.  Shout out to my sisters at LHCF, Black Hair Media and Long Hair Community, just to name a few.  And, of course, a special shout out to the VIP Divas of!

I started my hair journey on New Year’s Day 2010.  I had just had layers cut into my shoulder length, relaxed hair a few days prior.   Honey, you couldn’t tell me a thing!  Nothing!! It was my first time EVER having layers and they looked good, having just come from my favorite Dominican Salon.  I posted a rear-facing picture on Facebook to show off my new layers and my friend, Kim, asked if I was a member of LHCF. I had no idea what she was talking about but was willing to take a look at the site mentioned. I spent the next few days reading posts and seeing ladies actively and strategically growing their hair to Diva lengths.  Shoot.  I always thought my shoulder length hair was long.  At least that’s what others led me to believe.  Boy way I wrong.  These Divas were growing their hair to waist length and longer.  I thought to myself, then and there, “if it can be done, I can do it!”  It seemed to be a matter of choice.  So began my journey.  My choice was to grow my hair to midback length (MBL).

I laugh looking back now.  Oh, I grew my hair to MBL alright.  Then waist length (WL) and then onto Hip length (HL).  No matter what length I wanted, as I approached it, I wanted more.  It never seemed enough.  But let me back up a bit.

At the beginning of my journey, I was eager to grow my hair to mbl.  I read threads that challenged to grow an inch a month, and that talked about various products, concoctions and techniques that could be used to accelerate growth.  Well, being an optimist, I took it all at face value.  I tried various growth products being heavily discussed.  First, I ordered a popular product, whose name I honestly can’t remember for the life of me right now.  But the creator of this product was a member of LHCF.  She has since been run off the board as an unscrupulous business so, for that reason, I won’t even attempt to look up the name of her product.  Anyway, that product took nearly a month to get to me so, in the meantime, I decided to move on the the next hot thing.  I tried Shapely’s MTG.  This product is marketed as an equine grooming product.  Yeah, that means for horses.  But, ladies were swearing by it.  Ummm…yeah.  One word.  Stinky!  Boy did that stuff stink.  And it was strong.  But, I was committed. I already made the investment and decided to give it a try. I used it faithfully for a month and did get about an inch of growth.  But…the…SMELL!  My whole bedroom reaked of it.  I couldn’t take it another moment.  And just in time, the ordered product finally arrived.  I tried that for about 2 weeks before feeling like I wasn’t getting any growth.  At least with the MTG, I could feel a tingle, which I associated with growth.  This felt like nothing was happening.  So… I ran out and bought the next big thing, Megatek.  This was another equine product (who in the world is hanging out with horses and making an association with human hair growth?).  Many raves across the forums for this but the smell!  This time, it was tooooo sweet for me to handle. Some like it.  It nauseated me so, no way was I gonna put that in my hair.  What to do, what to do?

Well, I still had some of the ordered product and leftover MTG.  I decided to mix the two to turbo boost the ordered product and possibly cut the smell of the MTG.  Yeah.  That didn’t work.  The smell was still killing me.  And then I started to worry about the ingredients in MTG.  The petroleum distillates, in particular. I had to come up with a new plan.

This was the beginning of the development of my sulfur growth mix.  Sulfur is a primary ingredient in MTG.  I researched ingredients, herbs and oils that are beneficial to hair and conducive to growth.  I created an all-natural hair growth formula and quietly started testing it on myself.  To my amazement, the first month that I used my formula, I got 2 inches of new growth!

Needless to say, I was excited and took pics of my progress monthly.  Pictorial documentation of my first year’s journey can be found  here.

After my first year, I started stretching my relaxers.  That meant, I started stretching the period of time between touch ups and I started texlaxing my hair.  I texlaxed by adding natural oil to my relaxer mix to slow down processing and also shortened the smoothing period. This resulted in slightly relaxed, or underprocessed hair.  The thought being, the less exposure my hair had to chemical processing, the better.  After my 2nd stretch, I decided to officially transition to natural. I loved the thickness of my natural hair.  The thickness made even my texlaxed hair look thin and lifeless.  So, wearing my hair out wasn’t gonna happen while transitioning (not that I did anyway.  Protective styling was the name of the game from the beginning).

After transitioning for 17 months, and trimming an inch a month at hip length, I finally decided to officially cut off my relaxed ends on September 18, 2012.  You can read about my big chop here.  I planned to chop the relaxed ends at the end of 2012 but, I could not stand seeing the night and day difference between the textures every time I wet my hair. So, I cut it.  Suddenly, I went from hip length to armpit length (apl)…and I LOVED IT!!  My texture was soft and coily. Who knew?!

Now that I am fully natural, I’m loving every moment of it!  My texture is mostly 4a with some 4b in my crown.  I’m still mostly in protective styles as I’m growing my length back to hip length.  Sooooo, the journey continues!  I’m still growing.  I’m still sharing.  I’m still Diva!  Welcome to My Diva Spot!


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