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Welcome to NJoy’s Long & Healthy Hair Growth Challenge Information Page!

Have you seen the official youtube video for the challenge?  If not, here it is.  If so, skip down to Challenge details.


This Challenge begins on May 1, 2013 and ends at midnight on April 30, 2014.

There will be one (1) winner in each of the following categories:

1.   Most Growth Achieve Overall

2.  Best Overall Change (in hair appearance and condition)

3.  Winners Drawing (entries of all monthly challenge winners and all runner ups)

Winners of NJoy’s Long & Healthy Hair Growth Challenge will each receive: A full-sized hair steamer and a gift basket full of hair goodies (NJoy’s faves)


Our monthly giveaways will begin on the 1st of each month and end on the last day of the given month.  Our first giveaway contest begins on April 1, 2013 and ends at midnight on April 30, 2013

And here’s the video for our April Challenge:

There will be one (1) winner in each of the following categories:

1.  Best Protective Style During the Challenge Period

2. Random Drawing of all who reached 1″ (verified) during the 30-day period

Winners of our April Monthly Giveaway will each receive:  A $50 Visa Gift Card

TERMS of this Challenge

1.  For this challenge, you must use the formula at least 3 times a week. It stands to reason that the more that you are able to stimulate hair growth, the better the cumulative results. In the beginning, I used the formula every day and saw tremendous progress. But, for this challenge 3x a week is minimum.

2.  Clean up your eating. This is a 2 parter. Cut out excessive sugars and fried foods and AND add healthy foods. Also, we’ll add a list of foods that are conducive to good growth.

Sugars dry up cells and will inhibit hair growth. Not only that, but it’ll dry out your skin, hair, and generally make your body less healthy. Sugary drinks are the worse because it’s easily introduced into your blood. Sugars and High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS). Avoid em like the plague. Fried foods are not good for your circulatory system. We need to make sure that our body is receiving healthy blood flow.

3.  Drink more water! Being well hydrated helps with blood flow, keeping the body working properly, and will help with hair growth.

4.  And the last part, increase your physical activity. This exercises the heart and increases healthy, oxygenated blood flow. You can start an exercise program, take a dance class, start walking or just dance around the house. Try to get in at least 20 minutes of some sort of physical activity that increases your heart rate every day.

All of these things together maximizes your hair’s growth potential while the hair growth mix stimulates growth. That’s how you grow hair. So for any who’s thinking, growth aids don’t work for me, understand the total program and give it a try. This IS how you maximize your hair’s growth potential.

TO PARTICIPATE in the Challenge and be eligible for prizes, head over and state your commitment in our challenge thread here.

There, you’ll be asked to copy and answer the following:

I’m in and agree to try to meet all terms of this challenge!
Starting pic:
Official Start Date:
Natural, Relaxed or Transitioning:
Current Length:Current Length in inches (measured from hairline to ends):
 2013 Goal Length:
What will you do to for physical activity?


Rules and relevant information:

  1. All participants must post a starting length check picture and state measurement in inches, measured from the hairline to the ends. Starting pictures must be posted at the beginning of the month.
  2. Ending length check pictures must be posted on the last day of each month to qualify for monthly giveaways and on April 30, 2014 as the end picture for the main Growth Challenge.
  3. Participants must check in weekly to acknowledge that they are on track with the terms of the contest and to help with motivation.
  4. Check-in and all length check pictures are to be posted in the thread associated with this challenge.
  5. Winners will be chosen from all valid entries meeting the conditions and terms of the contest/giveaway.
  6. At times, there may be opportunities for all members of the challenge to participate in final judging of monthly giveaways via open voting.
  7. Winner of any ties will be chosen by drawing of affected entries.
  8. All drawings will be done by an independent and non-participating party.
  9. All winners will be announced within ten (10) days following any given contest period.
  10. Winners will be contacted via email, using the email address used in setting up a free account at mydivaspot.com
  11. Substitution of prizes of similar value will be utilized, if it is unavoidable or cost prohibitive to deliver to winner.  In this case, winner will be notified by mydivaspot.com with an explanation of said substitution.
  12. Contest is privately run and is at the discretion of VIP Divas Inc.  There are no other promises or guarantees implied other than those explicitly expressed.
  13. There will be one (1) winner in each category as outlined in the contest(s).  Those who qualify but are not chosen as a winner in a given category will be entered in the Winner’s Drawing category at the end of the main contest period on April 30, 2014.
  14. All winners of monthly giveaways are also qualified and will be entered in the Winner’s Drawing category at the end of the main contest period on April 30, 2014.
  15. There is no cost to participate in monthly giveaways or the main Growth Challenge.  All participants are expected to procure their own products, supplies and materials to participate at their own expense.
  16. VIP Divas, may at it’s own discretion, provide supplemental giveaways throughout the period of NJoy’s Long & Healthy Hair Growth Oil Challenge.
  17. Although, mydivaspot’s admins will continue to provide contest updates within the challenge thread, it is each participant’s responsibility to subscribe to mydivaspot’s youtube channel and check in to the challenge thread to stay abreast of updates.
  18. Youtube subscription and Mydivaspot forum registration are free of charge.
  19. VIP Divas and Mydivaspot.com shall be held harmless of any damages resulting from misuse of any information shared in the Challenge thread, blog, youtube channel or its members. It is each participants responsibility to manage his/her own routine and to use best judgement in personal choices made during participation.
  20. There is no charge for participation or for prizes.  However, shipping charges may be required. Winners will be notified if a shipping charge is due and will be billed via paypay.  VIP Divas may, at its discretion waive said shipping charges.
  21. Photos submitted must be clear and unmanipulated.  All photos will be verified by a third party source for validity.  Anyone caught submitting manipulated photos will be immediately disqualified from all giveaways and contests.
  22. We ask that all participants share details of your experiences during the challenge with members in the challenge thread for a more robust experience.  We’re here to help each other and would like to foster a positive community sharing for the edification of the community.
  23. Any submissions made after the submission period are disqualified for that particular contest period.  Please make submissions on time.
  24. If you are unable to make a submission due to site unavailability, submissions may be made directly to njoy@mydivaspot.com or contest@vipdivas.com.  In this instance, there may be an extension for the period.  This will be announced and not assumed.
  25. If there are any questions regarding this contest or its giveaways, please send a message to njoy@mydivaspot.com or contest@vipdivas.com
  26. If there are any problems registering at mydivaspot forums, please email webmaster@mydivaspot.com.
  27. Good luck and let’s grow some hair.


Ready to get started?  Here’s the link to the official thread!  See you there!


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