By request, my regimen ~NJoy

“NJoy, will you please share your regimen?”  I get asked this question often and usually answer right on the spot.  Oh, you know how chatty I am.  :)

But after repeating myself a zillion times, it finally has dawned on me that I need to post my regimen. *face palm*  Why didn’t I think of this before.

Well, let me start by saying, if you don’t know my story, you can read about it here and then check out my Relaxed to Natural Journey video.

I’m sure I’ve posted my regimen over the past few years but, ow that I’m fully natural, I’ve had to make some adjustments.  Here’s my current regimen:

Cowash 1-2 times a week using Tresemme Naturals, V05 Tea Therapy or HE Hello Hydration.  Well, really it’s oil rinsing.  The night before, I do a heavy overnight oiling with NJoy’s Pre-poo & Seal oil or coconut oil and cover with a plastic cap.  Then in the morning, I rinse with warm and then cowash.

Deep condition weekly with a homemade mix depending on what my hair needs.  I usually always add olive oil, wheatgerm oil and honey or molasses to my deep conditioners.

I detox my hair and scalp weekly with NJoy’s Platinum Purifying Conditioner.  This gently and completely removes all product buildup without stripping natural oils. I do this prior to DC’g.

I use the LOC (Liquid or water-based moisturizer,  Oil and either a butter or Cream)  to moisturize and seal. I mix water, Infusium 23, aloe juice and vegetable glycerin and use that OR Giovanni 2Chic Ultra-Moist Leave in, followed by NJoy’s Pre-Poo & Seal Oil and then sealed in with either avocado butter or something like flaxseed gel.

I keep my hair in protective styles 95% of the time.  My go to styles are Celie braids or 2-strand twists (which I usually bun or pin up), buns or I may wear a wig if I wanted a loose style.  I always baggy my hair and wear a black opaque wig cap under my wigs to protect my strands.  My retention is usually on point because of the extreme care that I take of my ends.

I search and destroy splits and usually plan to trim every six months or as needed.  But since I’m usually on top of my ends, an annual trim is probably all that I need.

I don’t use heat at all and my protective styles lend to that. I’d like to flat iron to see my true length but I’m never tempted.  Flat ironing my hair is a bigger job than I can handle so I leave it alone and may turn to a progessional who specializes in healthy hair when I do. (*cough*cough* Reniece & Co. *cough*)

Of course, it’s well known that I use my hair growth oil to get the crazy growth that I’ve been getting (NJoy’s Long & Healthy Hair Growth Oil).  I use it nightly, massage for a few minutes, put on a plastic cap and cover with a scarf for bed.  I used to cowash it out each morning while I was relaxed but, again, I now cowash only once or twice a week.  So, the oil remains on my scalp until then.  It’s ok because it’s all natural and doesn’t build up on the scalp.

My hair had never growth past a raggedy, barely armpit length at the longest but was usually shoulder length all my life.  Since using my hair growth oil and seeing amazing results, I grew my hair down to my hips, transitioning to natural.  I Big Chopped in September of 2012 and have been growing my natural hair since.  Let me take this time to say, I LOVE my natural hair.  The thickness, and even the shrinkage, are amazing!

Oh, and that reminds me, I almost exclusively finger detangle and then do a thorough detangling with my jumbo rake and bone comb 2-3 times a month.  Since I like to keep my hair in chunky twists or braids, I detangle one section at a time, whether simply finger detangling or doing a thorough detangling session.  Rarely will I attempt to detangle while all of my hair is loose.

This has been working well for me.  I hope it helps someone.



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