How to apply growth oil to increase hair growth.

So you’ve received your bottle of NJoy’s Long & Healthy Hair Growth Oil because of all the reviews and it was recommended to you by a friend. Now what?!

How to apply hair growth oil to increase growth.

First things first, congratulations!  You are on your way to increasing your hair growth rate and growing strong, healthy hair.  But before getting started, please remember to take length shot pictures of your current length.

I know! I know!  Your hair may not be in the best condition or is at a length that you don’t care for right now but, taking starting pictures is an important step.  Why?  Because as your hair grows, others may notice your increased length before you do.  In fact, you’re so used to seeing your hair on a daily basis that the slightest growth will not even register in your mind.  In your mind, you are the same length that you were last week.

Ahhhh, but not so!  NJoy’s Long & Healthy Hair Growth Oil is formulated to stimulate your follicles to do what they do — grow new hair!  And unless there’s a barrier to your hair growing, your hair will grow.  In fact, it’s growing right now.  It’s continually making it’s way through the growth cycle.  Churning away and growing hair.

You see, there are three stages in the hair growth cycle: Anagen, Catagen and Telogen.

Anagen is the active growth phase.  Hair is actively growing.  80-90 percent of a healthy individual’s hair is in the anagen phase. This phase lasts about 3-6 years.

The Catagen phase only lasts one to three weeks. During this period, there is major cell death, and only a remnant of the hair follicle remains at its completion. Your hair is preparing for the next phase.

The Telogen phase, which can last anywhere between two to three months, is the period where the hairs are shed.  Humans shed about 50 to 150 hairs daily. This also serves as a resting time in preparation for the return to the Anagen, or growth phase. And the cycle continues.

With the regular application of NJoy’s Long & Healthy Hair Grow Oil, the hair growth cycle is revved up so that initially, there may be an increased amount of shedding. This is due to hair in the telogen phase, normally ready to shed being joined by those moving more quickly through the categen phase on into the telogen phase.  But don’t worry.  The cycle does adjust and balance itself out to resume all three phases.  But now, during the Anagen phase,  dormant follicles are awakened and, with together with active follicles, are stimulated to produce more hair than usual, resulting in longer length.

So then, how do you apply the growth oil so that it stimulates new growth? 

Well, I’ve spelled it out  in this video which also answers the question “what are the tingles?”  Some people say they feel their scalp tingling and some don’t.  What gives?

Check out my video and I’ll explain.  By the way, if you haven’t already subscribed to my channel, please do.  I have videos up that you may want to check out and I’ll be uploading more soon.  Thanks! ~NJoy!

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