“Hey! What happened to the NJoy’s Growth Oil Challenge Thread on LHCF?” Here’s the answer

Ladies, you know I’ve been busy with my father being in the hospital for the past 3+ weeks.  My focus has not been on much else.  I’ve been checking in to answer questions from my cellphone, usually from my dad’s hospital room, as I’m able.

A few days ago, I go to log into my lhcf account and find that I was banned for a period of a few days.  It referenced some rules that I supposedly broke.  I couldn’t look up the rules because of the ban, so I contacted the site’s owner via a ticketed support system. I received no response until my 2nd request.

Beverly, the site’s owner, responded basically saying that I broke a rule by promoting my website in my signature.  But I had a Vendor’s account and this was allowed.

She said that I hadn’t renewed my Vendor’s account.  But I received an email from the site saying that the fee would be drafted from my account for the auto-renewal of my Vendor’s account.  The email didn’t say that any other action needed to be taken.

I explained these things to her and she then said that the problem was that my website address was in my profile…in the section that asks for….(wait for it)….my website.  I told her I didnt’ understand that one at all.  And besides, that info had been in my profile since I set it up back in 2010.  Why is it an issue now in 2013?

I felt like she was looking for reasons to justify her actions and validate her suggestion that I was a rule-breaker.  But, I asked her to reconsider anyway.  I never tried to lure or abuse her members in any way.  I never even mentioned mydivaspot openly in her forum.  I had been nothing but helpful and encouraging to all of my LHCF sisters and I don’t think one person on that board can say anything negative about me or my behavior.

In any case, later this evening, I posted that orders for NJoy’s Long & Healthy Hair Growth Oil are now being taken at http://njoyessentials.com with a 25% discount on all product on the LHCF facebook page.  I had been posting other ads previously with no problem so, I didn’t think this facebook post would be any different.  That was the last “gotcha” for Beverly.  She has banned me.  But you know what?  That’s fine by me.

One thing I know for sure is, when things come against me out of nowhere and for no reason, that’s a tip off that something big is just around the corner.  And instead of being upset, I’m preparing myself for a blessing.

I’m sharing this, not to complain, but to make all of my sisters, especially my LHCF sisters, aware of what’s going on and to assure you that I didn’t flake out and disappear.  I was kicked out of the house.  Luckily I was just a visitor and I have my own home.  :)

Thank you all for your continued support.


Let’s get back to growing some hair!


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