Who said you can’t do anything about hereditary hair loss? (pics)

Good morning, Divas!

Remember me telling you that I filled in my hereditary widow’s peak in my hairline?  Well, I never really noticed I had it until I started wearing my hair pulled up into buns and then I saw a pic of my daughter in a magazine.  It was official.  My dad passed down his receding hairline… to ALL of us!

I used my Long & Healthy Hair Growth Oil to fill in my hairline and decided to have my daughter to use the formula on hers too.  A couple weeks later, she told me that it was working!  Her widow’s peak was filling in too.

I asked her to start taking progress pics.   She agreed.

Today, she sent me these updated progress pics.


Widow’s Peak receding hairline


Filling in

Filling in


As of today

As of today

She applies the Growth Oil 2-3 times a week.

I hope this will be encouraging to someone who is also experiencing hereditary hair loss.

Special thanks to my daughter for allowing me to share these photos.


If you have progress pics that you think may inspire someone, please share by sending them to me at njoy@mydivaspot.com or post away!

We don’t have to go quietly into baldness.  Whether it’s hereditary or caused by damage, NJoy’s Long & Healthy Hair Growth Oil can help.

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