Checking in with plans to detox

I was checking out jahlilsmama’s mydivaspot blog, where she’s keeping her challenge updates. I think that’s a great idea, having all your updates in one place. So if you’d like, create a blog here and post with your updates and progress there. It’ll be your online hair journal letting you and others know what you’re doing, and how your progressing.

But, continue to post here in the thread so that we can be a support to each other.

Ok, so today my hair is dry because I sprayed it with Herbal Essences Curl Silkening Detangler last night, by accident. That stuff causes buildup on my hair fast now, it’s dry. I don’t know why I keep it but I have another bottle that I’ve emptied and just use as spray bottle. I thought I was spraying that one.

So to get this buildup off my hair, I used my pre-poo to soften and quench my dry hair. Today I’ll do a candy mud mask. I’ve made these hair candies, that I’ll be making available soon, that are wonderfully delicious at removing buildup from the hair while infusing it with moisture. The candy I’m using today is NJoy’s Peppermint Pretty. This is a good one for those of us who are using oils regularly on our strands for sealing. These are hair detox candie and this one smells like peppermint and chocolate. DELICIOUS!!! Oh, and not only does it detox, but it moisturizes too with butters and oils added.

I’m working on packaging but, you have to try these. I’ll probably give some away free with purchase just so that everyone can try. I’ll tell you more later.

After I detox and moisturize my hair, I’ll probably put my hair in twists.

I’m about to have a nutriblast for breakfast and then jump in the shower.

Oh! One last thing. If you’re keeping a hair journal/blog. Make sure you post the link to your updates when you make one.

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