NJoy’s Long & Healthy Hair Growth Oil update

Divas, the response to the release of my Long & Healthy Hair Growth Oil has been amazing.  I’m so thrilled that so many of you are joining me in adding the growth oil to your regimens.  So many are already reporting  back on how the oil is working for them.  Let me share with you some of the comments.

“I just want to report that I’ve been applying daily since I received my sulfur mix on Saturday….and my NG is extremely moisturized!” ~  KiWiStyle


“I luv the consistency. It feels smooth and moisturizing. I’ve used other growth oils before and it felt more thin and not as moisturizing…it dried my hair out so I had to stay in top of my moisture. The smell isn’t bad at all. Smells sorta
like lemons and peppermint to me with a hint of sulphur. I’m happy and so is my hair.” ~ aprilj


“I’ve used mine several times this week. My head was tingling all day (from past experiences that’s a good thing)! The smell for me is very subtle, I’ve used MTG and Sulu Max and they both gave me terrible headaches I gave those away…   This oil is definitely a keeper, no headaches and tingling scalp this I won’t be giving away.   Thank you N’Joy.” ~  Londonjakki


“I had to come in and TESTIFY! I used my product one time…yes I did say once and the results were amazing. I used it as an pre poo for 1hr and washed and set. The curls were beautiful and thick. I’m currently on day 5 hair and my ponytail has thickened in diameter. This stuff is the TRUTH. I’m so glad that I ordered 2 bottles.” ~ princesslocks


“I’ve had a bad reaction to sulfur in the past but I’ve used the oil for 3 days with no issues whatsoever. It’s great and I’m doing my happy dance! Thanks NJoy!” ~ cynd


“I cowashed my hair today. Moisturized and sealed then twisted. I put the growth oil on the parts. I can hardly smell the sulphur! I love that. When I used another sulphur product my friends confronted me and said that the smell of my hair is getting unbearable..embarrassing.” ~ QueenBrittny


“I think my edges are making progreeeess!!! I hope that when I take these braids down next month I see a big difference!”  ~DanceOnTheSkylines


“I’m not officially in the challenge, but I did purchase the oil. I’ve been applying it to two small areas that look to be psoriasis…the oil is EATING THEM UP! They’re both almost gone. I’m so happy because these are the only remnants left of my once dry scalp.” ~LivingDoll


 ” I am feeling really well about my growth and retention this time around. My NG feels so much more dense!!! Even in its 10 weeks post shrunken state, my hair appears to be getting longer. I have been more c…onsistent with this growth aid than any other I’ve ever tried. I believe the ease of application and the smell makes it doable and I actually anticipate it, lol! Sometimes I go to apply it and then remember I did it already, either I’m losing my mind or i’m loving the mix. With eating better, decreasing my sugar intake and exercising, I believe I’ll meet my 2013 growth goal early. Originally I set my goal of BSL for December but I’m feeling it’ll be more like October when I have my 4th and final relaxer of the year.” ~ KiWiStyle


Thanks for the feedback, posts across the Net, emails and private messages sent to me.  You ladies continue to inspire and overwhelm me with you kindness and support. I’m so happy that you are njoy’g the growth oil and look forward to seeing your growth!

As you may know, the release of  my hair growth oil was hastened by the overwhelming requests to do so.  In no way did I imagine this type of demand from the onset.  So, I quickly got all my supplies together, which created a bottleneck in the initial processing of orders.  I’ve since gotten caught up and am now shipping within 1 day of receiving your orders.  I’m pleased to say that I have been shipping all over the world and what a learning experience it has been.  International shipping is a bit more involved than domestic shipping but, I’m doing all that I can to accomodate you all for your faithful support and am njoy’g my new experiences.

I’d like to share a few tips on maximizing growth with NJoy’s Long & Healthy Hair Growth Oil:

  • Massage the oil on for at least a good 4-5 minutes and njoy the
    tinglies! Tingles can be renewed by massaging the scalp over your plastic


  • Covering your plastic cap with a scarf at night decrease
    crinkling from the cap and increases the heat produced.


  • After a night’s treatment and before cowashing it out, massage your hair again with the
    cap still on. You should get renewed tingles. NJoy those renewed tingles for a
    few minutes before hopping in the shower.


  • Dream steam! Steaming your hair? Hair growth oil can be applied to your scalp while conditioner is
    applied to the strands. As the steam allows the conditioner to penetrate deeply
    into the strands, the steam will also open the pores on the scalp and boy does
    it set off the tingles. LOVE IT!


  • Don’t forget to shake, shake, shake, shake it up! Your growth mix contains
    sulfur that does not completely dissolve in oil. In fact, when you first
    received it and shook it up, you may have found that some of the sulfur rose to
    the top. This is normal. But after sitting, it will settle back down to the
    bottom of the bottle. In a sense, the sulfur is infusing into the oil but, just
    like an oil and vinegar dressing, you have to shake it up to make sure that you
    have even mixture of all ingredients in every application. So, don’t forget to
    shake well before every use.


  • Consistency is key! The point of the mix is to wake up and shake up the
    follicles to get them to do what they’re supposed to do…grow hair! The more
    consistently you use it, the more consisitently you’re provoking your hair
    growth. Stay on it, doggone it! Don’t use it here and there and say
    you’re not getting good results. Commit to making this a real part of your
    regimen for the duration of this challenge and then judge. Do as I did. When
    you’re traveling, take your bottle with you. Yeah, it’s that serious.


  • Growing hair is only half of gaining long lengths. The other half is retention.
    Please keep your ends in check so that you can keep what you gain. Take a peek
    at your ends. Be honest. If they’re splitting or otherwise raggedy (oh wait.
    maybe I should just say…questionable), now’s the time to give yourself
    a good trim. If a search and destroy is more appropriate, do that. I know we all
    want to hold onto as much length as possible but, you’ll get good growth.
    Getting those ends in check and then keeping them protected is a necessary


  • Expect a positive outcome! I cannot stress this enough. If you go into
    this with limits, you’ll be limited. If you think it worked for me but won’t
    work for you, then so it will be.


  • Drink more water! Being well hydrated helps with blood flow, keeping the
    body working properly, and will help with hair growth.


  • Increase your physical activity. This exercises the heart and increases
    healthy, oxygenated blood flow. You can start an exercise program, take a dance
    class, start walking or just dance around the house. Try to get in at least
    20 minutes of some sort of physical activity that increases your heart rate
    every day.


  • Take pictures!  Nothing motivates you like seeing your own progress.  Start now.  Take a beginning picture and additional length check pictures at regular intervals to track your progress.  I recommend at monthly or at least quarterly pics to be able to look back and analyze your progress and to motivate yourself and others to keep growing.  Your mind will want to remind you of your typical length or convince you that your hair is not growing.  It wants to make who you were, who you are now.  And that’s just not true.  We are constantly changing.  This mental trickery is easy to overcome with the evidence of your truth with your pictures.   You’ll find that you may continue to feel one length when you’ve clearly reached the next.  Your mind needs proof to make the adjustment.  Put in the work of keeping your mind in check with reality.


My Long & Healthy Hair Growth Oil nourishes and creates a healthy, supple scalp, increases blood flow to nourish and stimulate the follicles, and strengthens and nourishes the new growth.  If you haven’t already grabbed your bottle, place your order now!  It’s still being offered at my special introductory rate for a single or double bottle pack.  And keep your eyes out for upcoming details on my YouTube challenge.  You can get a head start by heading over to the challenge thread and joining now.  I’ll be there waiting!



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  1. I just purchased the Hair oil. I’m excited to start the May 1st Challenge. Next year, we all will have long flowing hair, beautiful skin, and flawless bodies if we take care of ourselves in and out.