Setting Your Hair Goals and Vision

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Setting your hair goals and vision

Ok, so week one may have had some of you like, “Huh?”  But hang in there with me on this.  It’s very important to get your mind on board and remove barriers to meeting your objectives. And in this case, it is an important part of taking limits off of your ability to grow hair.  Now that you’ve set the stage, so to speak, it’s time to talk about what you want and expect.



“Whatever your mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve regardless of how many times you may have failed in the past.”  - Napoleon Hill

When I first started my hair growth journey, one of the things that was most important for me was to be able to set a goal for myself and have an idea of what that goal would look like for me.  I was on some popular hair boards and I noticed that people grouped themselves by the hair length goals that they’d set for themselves. “Is it as easy as deciding how long I’d want my hair and then going for it?”, I wondered.  There I was, hanging out at shoulder length and noticing that there were ladies in waist length groups, who seemed to be fully expecting to grow to waist length. I wasn’t greedy. All I wanted was midback length hair and my goal would be complete.  So, I joined the MBL group and lurked on the Waist Length group because I wanted to see what they were doing to get magical, fairy length hair. Waist Length was too much to hope for, wasn’t it?  But, listening to the waist length ladies had me feeling like, yeah. Waist length would be LOVELY…So, I changed my goal to waist length.

In these groups, I spoke openly of reaching my goal because I hadn’t heard anything that would suggest that I couldn’t.  But, I did have a problem. My hair had never been much beyond shoulder length so, what would waist length even look like on me.  I had to know. I had to “see and declare the end (result) from the beginning” (Isa. 46:10).  In order to believe for my end result, I had to see it. You see, when you’re believing for something, when you’ve loaded your heart with your desires, you must know exactly what it is you want. No vague ambiguity brings exactly what you seek.  So, I had to “write the vision and make it plain” (Habakkuk 2:2).

Let me just side note for a sec. I often will add biblical references to my comments whenever I’m talking about things like faith. I’m clearly a Christian but, the principles shared stand in every faith. But, so that no one is able to say that I’m off in some “other word”, or miss what I’m trying to share because you question the basis of what I’m saying, I make these references for your own edification.  I think it’s vitally important that you guard your heart and mind and test the spirit in all things. That said, if you are not Christian, please don’t be offended.  These are Universal principles. I just happen to believe that the Creator of the Universe and all of its Universal laws is God. Now, where was I?  Oh yes!

“write the vision and make it plain” – God. (Habbakuk 2:2)


There are many ways to communicate with our minds. A very powerful way is through our vision.  The saying, seeing is believing is right on the mark.  I knew that I had to get a vision of what my hair goal would look like.  So, I decided to do a Vision Board.  I clipped pictures of ladies with long hair and affixed them to my vision board.  But, to make it more believable to my doubting mind,  I’d print out smiling pics of myself, cut the faces out and glue them on top of the faces of the long-haired ladies on my vision board. And, I’d have a ball doing it. I was sending a clear message to my mind that this long-haired lady was me.


Visualize Growth

But I didn’t stop there. I wanted a clear picture of my length goal so, I printed out a rear-facing picture of myself (an earlier length check pic).  Now, I’m not photoshop expert. In fact, I’m probably as low-tech as you can get with photo altering so, I printed out the picture in black and white on my printer.  Then I took a black marker and manually extended the length of my hair to what I wanted at the end of the year, waist length.  (Hey. At a distance, it looked believable enough)  And, knowing the power of words, I added descriptive words that I would see whenever I looked at the picture. I wrote “Long, strong, thick, healthy hair”.

The image below shows the vision picture that I made for myself in January 2010 and also the actual picture of my hair at the end of December 2010.  I got what I declared repeatedly throughout the year, even tho some nay-sayed me and thought I was crazy.  I saw it and believed it as doable, and so it was.


(Uh, you see those developing back fat lines in the pic on the left? My towel is there to cover them in the pic on the right. smh. #vanity lol)

Visualize Growth

Now, getting to waist length from the shoulder length was a big jump for my mind to believe. I had NEVER been anything more than barely scraping armpit length in my ENTIRE LIFE!!  So, I had to “chunk” it.

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