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Wash DayI remember when there was a time in my natural hair journey that I would cringe at the thought of wash day.  It’s not that I didn’t love hopping into the shower and allowing the water to stream over my hair. I LOVE that!  And really, it’s not the crazy length of time that it would take to get through my wash process.  No. There was always a dreaded expectation of the big D –  Detangling.

I think the negative expectation came from the crazy long and cumbersome detangling sessions I’d have during my transition.  Some of that was due to working with two textures but, most of the trouble came from neglect.  During the time that I was transitioning to natural, both of my parents were sick and in and out of the hospital. It was a very stressful time that caused me to go extended periods of time ignoring my hair.  And let me tell you, when you’re transitioning, you have to at least keep the hair properly moisturized or you’re asking for trouble.  Well, apparently I asked and trouble is what I got.  The very thought of detangling became a threat to me.

Once I big chopped my relaxed ends, making me fully natural, I continued to carry that idea of detangling being a nightmare with me. Now, don’t get me wrong. When I cut my relaxed ends and saw my natural hair for the first time, I LOVED it!  Twist outs and braid outs looked great and my puffs were so much fun. I fully NJoy’d my newly natural hair…at first.  And then it hit me that there was going to be maintenance involved and I had no experience in dealing with my natural hair. I’d been relaxed for as long as I can remember. This was starting to feel a little intimidating.  And let’s not forget the detangling sessions further added to the intimidation.

But, after a period of frustration, I realized that I was causing my own anxieties and issues. I was expecting difficulties.  I believed that there was supposed to be some struggle when you first “go natural”. And, of course, I believed that I was going to have long, drawn out wash days rife with detangling issues.  This is what I believed.  And worse, I’d chat with other hair sisters and say as much.

With the words of my own mouth and the beliefs in my heart, I condemned myself to a difficult experience.

Yes, I had difficulties.  It was a struggle at times. And I had long, drawn out wash days rife with detangling issues.

I believed it. I declared it. And so it was.

Since then, I’ve consciously decided to change what I was saying and believing by choosing to think and speak positive, loving thoughts towards my healthy hair journey. I smile in the mirror at myself while moisturizing and sealing my hair. I look forward to an easy wash day while preparing my hair with a healthy prepoo.  I remind myself that I’m patient and gentle with my hair and that taking care of it comes naturally and with ease.

I now love wash days.  I am free to njoy the feeling of water running over my hair. I am patient and loving towards my hair. I understand my texture and my hair’s needs. I choose my products specifically to meet those needs.  Detangling is a breeze.  My hair is strong and healthy. And my hair continues to grow and thanks me with manageability.

I continue to speak these things and think these positive thoughts, which have now replaced my negative thinking and become positive beliefs.  I no longer hinder my healthy hair journey by inviting difficulties.  I believe it. I declare it. And so it is.

I’ve used positive thoughts and words to positively influence every area of my life, including the growth of my hair. We’ll get into that later.

Take a few moments and ask yourself these questions:

  • What do you believe about your hair and your healthy hair journey?
  • What are you saying about it?
  • Are you helping or hindering your progress?
  • What positive thoughts can you choose to replace any negative thinking?


Let’s talk about it.  Share your thoughts with us in the NJoy’s Long & Healthy Hair Growth Challenge Thread.


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