Expect to see incredible growth in July!

Ok! We’re officially in the 2nd half of the year and you guys are doing a great job and getting results! I’m proud of how well you’re doing and look forward to sharing the progress some of you shared in our July update video, which will be posted on Friday.  You did an amazing job in June.  Now, let’s expect to see incredible growth in July!  Are you ready?  If you haven’t taken a length check picture for this month, be sure to do so right away.

NJoyThis was my first time including your progress pictures in an update video.  I LOVE IT!  So, I’ll be doing the same monthly.  I’ll be pulling photos from the submissions that you leave in the growth challenge thread in the forum so, to be included in future video updates, please be sure to post your pictures in the updates thread in the forum.  You know I want to show off your success.

YES! We’re growing hair!  Congratulations to those who have grown so far and to all that are joining us. Please be sure to officially join the challenge by signing up in the right panel of this page.


The warm, summer months usually treats us to an added growth spurt.  Expect that.  Expect to have fabulous growth in July because you’re doing all the right things and nature is working with you. Be in the habit of thinking positive.  Visualize your progress — let your mind see the results you want and step into that moment.  Feel how wonderful it is being at that new length and give thanks for if.  Njoy the moment.  Do this on a regular and consistent basis and you won’t be disappointed.  Show your hair some love today for the hard work of growing into your expectations.  Pamper your hair. Speak life over it.  July is a month of INCREDIBLE GROWTH.

I’ll talk more about what to do in July and share the June progress in Friday’s video.

Until then, have a joyfilled day and Happy Hair Growing!

~ NJoy



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