It’s that time again! Wash Day!

NJoy's Platinum Purifying Hair & Scalp DetoxWash day is a day that I wasn’t always so excited about. During my relaxed days, I LOVED wash day. I LOVED the feeling of water raining down onto my scalp and then, flowing with my hair down my back.  Or, at least it felt that way.  But, through my transition and now, as a natural, it’s a bit more to handle.  With my transitioning hair, I wanted low manipulation to avoid handling the delicate line of demarcation;  This is where the relaxed and natural hair meet. But as a natural, my hair can tolerate the extra handling.  It’s just so thick and so much of it. Yeah, I know.  Thick, long-haired problems. I won’t complain.

My hair and scalp benefit from a gentle, but thorough, cleansing on a regular basis. I generally stick to a weekly schedule but, as with life, it’s always subject to change.  If necessary or when I’m able, I do get a midweek cowash in.  But this wash will be a full wash day routine, which to me means that I’ll also do a deep conditioning treatment.

Because I’ve been trying out different leave-ins that contain “cones” (silicones), I begin my wash day by detoxing the length of my hair and my scalp with NJoy’s Platinum Purifying Hair & Scalp Detox.  This cleanser is not harsh and does not strip like regular shampoos.  Yet it is able to get rid of build up, which cowashing, alone, does not do.  I apply the Hair & Scalp Detox like conditioner, all over my hair, allow it sit for a few minutes and then rinse away all dirt, dead and shed skin cells, environmental debris and product build up.  This detox leaves my hair vibrant and unencumbered. The hair is not stripped of it’s natural oils, my natural curls pop and the pores of my scalp are gently clarified.  At this point, my hair is in the perfect state to fully benefit from any subsequent treatments or conditioning.

NJoy's Wash day regimenMy next step is to deep condition my hair. I have several homemade deep conditioner recipes that I use, depending on what my hair needs. I’ll begin sharing those recipes soon.  Today, I’ve decided on a mixture of the following:  plain yogurt, coconut cream, honey, olive oil, wheatgerm oil and coconut oil.  I simply combine the ingredients, apply to my hair and sit under a steamer for 20-30 minutes. This leaves my hair feeling strong, yet pliable and very moisturized.  If a hair steamer is not available, you can cover your hair with a plastic cap and sit under a hooded dryer or cover plastic cap with a warm towel. Steam allows your cuticles to raise for better penetration of the conditioner mix.

When I hop in the shower to rinse, I rinse briefly, leaving lots of the conditioner in my hair, getting it wet and slippery because of the added water and then gently detangle or finger detangle my hair, putting it in four to six detangled chunky twists before completely rinsing my hair.  After rinsing, I pour over my head and hair a mixture of one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar added to a quart of cooled Stimulating Growth Tea. This modified acv rinse ensures that my lifted cuticles lay flat, reduces tangling and frizzing, and gives my hair shine all while stimulating my hair follicles for growth. There’s no need to rinse. From there, I moisturize and seal as normal.

Yes, wash day is a bit time consuming but, I use the time as a pampering session for my hair while giving positive thoughts and energy towards its growth. Being natural, my hair doesn’t always flow down my back the way it used to. Now it’s more of a pillow effect. But, in the shower and full of conditioner, I’m reminded that it’s continually growing and give continually give thanks. Absent of any tangling issues, once again, I LOVE wash day!

So, when’s YOUR wash day and what’s your routine?  Inquiring minds want to know.



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