First flat iron since going natural

February 14th Straight Length CheckWell, I finally got around to flat ironing my natural hair. This is the first real heat that I’ve used on my hair since going natural. Of course, a professional might get it flatter but, I think I did a pretty decent job.

The thickness, compared to my previously relaxed hair, is obscene!  I’m sure my technique could use some improvement.  To prepare my hair, I washed and deep conditioned my hair. To wash, I used NJoy’s Platinum Purifying Cowash and then steamed with Silicon Mix Bambu.  During the rinse out, I used Herbal Essence Hello Hydration and did a thorough detangling, creating several detangled twists. This took quite a while to get it all detangled. After it was all detangled and twisted up, I rinsed and then did an apple cider vinegar (acv) rinse.

I sprayed my twists with ApHogee Curlific Moisture Rich Leave-In,used a small bit of olive oil to lightly run down my twists and allowed it to airdry overnight.

For me, I thought it would be easiest to undo and flat iron my twists one at a time. So I did. And to protect my hair from the heat, I used Silk Elements Mega Silk Heat Protection Creme. I used the cool setting on my blowdryer to make sure that each section wasn’t wet when I started to flat iron. I didn’t want that sizzle. I want to say that the flat iron was set on 350 degrees but, my hand kept moving the temperature control as I was trying to use it. I do know that I never let it get to 400. And basically, I did one pass. I didn’t comb chase but I did comb through each section before flat ironing.

The two problems that I’ve always had with flat ironing my own hair have always been with my arms getting tired and sweating my hair out before getting done with my whole head. I took my time but ran into the same issues.  I mean, if these were issues with my relaxed hair, then how much more with all this natural thickness?  But, because of the incredible thickness, I stayed motivated to continue.

Flat ironed hair pic

I reveled in the results. Sure, it wasn’t completely flat. Sure, I had fluffy roots. But this, after all, was what I wanted in natural hair. While transitioning, it was seeing the thickness that motivated me to continue transitioning.

Yeah. It doesn’t look as long as it does stretched but I love it! I’m fully natural and it feels great!  It was only days before that I was starting to get frustrated with the maintenance of my hair but, finally having an opportunity to see it out in full glory makes it all worth it.

Do I plan to continue flat ironing? And if so, how often?

I’m not sure.  I still want to protect my hair from heat while continuing onward towards my hip length hair goal.  I think I will flat iron again every couple months to njoy it’s length.


The first time on my way to hip length, I was transitioning and didn’t want to wear my hair out because of the manipulation required. So, I didn’t get to njoy my length, nor was I used to it. I remember having my hair flat ironed at waist length for my wedding anniversary and it felt soooo long. Keep in mind that my hair had never been beyond a barely scraping armpit length in my whole lifetime. So, with my hair out, I felt very self-conscious and also, overly concerned about potential breakage.

So this time around, I want to make it a point to get used to feeling comfortable being a long-haired natural and just njoying it being longer and healthier than ever.

I’m well on my way. And with the consistent use of my hair growth oil, I know that I’ll make my hip length goal this year.  What’s your goal? How long do you plan to grow?

Waist length hair pic

February 3, 2014










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