And our latest giveaway winners are…





Thank you for your patience. Winners of our latest giveaways for NJoy’s 2014 Hair Growth Challenge are as follows:


Winners of a free bottle of NJoy’s Long & Healthy Hair Growth oil are:

Erin Smith-Rogers
Harriet Riee Craig






Winners of a free NJoy Essentials Length Check Tee are:

Kimberly Elmira White King
Alexis Clark
LaKieeshaa Walker
Carole IbelieveGod Johnson
Krystel Thashera
Sal Watson
Mercedees Edwards
Moving Forward Andnotlookingback
Sheila Moore

I’d like to ask all winners to email your address and shirt size (if applicable) to with subject: WINNER!

CONGRATULATIONS and thank you for your participation!  ~NJoy

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2 thoughts on “And our latest giveaway winners are…

    • Awww. Based on our conversations last week, you agreed to go the next size up because the size you wanted was sold out. So, if it was mailed last week to an international address, it will take a little longer. I can’t even estimate because each country is different. I’ll check to see if tracking has been updated. Don’t worry. I’ll get you a shirt, Sis. lol.