5 exercises to increase your growth results

I’ve been meaning to make this post a few days ago.  But thanks to a wonderful, crushing sinus headache that I’d been dealing with over the past few days, it was a no go.  But I didn’t forget!  :)

While  cowashing my hair in twists the other night, I reveled in the weight and length that I felt from my hair weighed down with conditioner and water. I threw my head back and luxuriated in its new length. I could feel that it is getting longer.  I rinsed and the runoff from the water made my hair feel even longer than it probably is. But it allowed me to experience while imagining my hair even longer than it is.

When I got out of the shower, I looked at how long my twists are growing. It seems not long ago that I was  happy shaking my wet twists around and here they are hanging down onto my back and well past my collarbone. My hair had only been this long once before — that was when I grew my relaxed/transitioning hair to my hips. But now, I’m fully natural. This is new territory for me.  And I remembered that I promised myself that I would njoy every length this time around.  Yes, I grew my hair down to my hips before my big chop but, I protective styled so much and looked forward to reaching my goal so much that I didn’t stop and appreciate each new length that I had reached.  I remember length checking and, perhaps, flat ironing the back section of my hair for my length checks. But I really had no appreciation for what brastrap length felt like, or waist length, or midback length, etc.

So this time around, I plan to at least acknowledge and show appreciation for each new length experienced.  I’m taking pictures but also making a conscious effort to love my hair at every length on my way to my goal length.  That said, as a part of this challenge, I encourage you to take time out right now and appreciate the hair that you have right now, knowing that today’s hair won’t be the same at the end of this challenge.  Show gratitude and be thankful for where you are right now.  Yeah, I know that you are not where you want to be. You may be where you’ve been stuck forever.  You may be frustrated because you had to take a step backwards in your journey.  Yeah. I know.  But in this challenge, you acknowledge that your hair WILL grow and improve it’s condition. You’re expecting this of your hair.  But take a moment to recognize that this is what your hair looks like on it’s way to your goal.  Appreciate it’s humble beginnings, or its shorter length.  Love it like a child that needs to be nurtured.  It’s yours and what you have to work with.

So for this challenge, I ask you engage in these 5 exercises to increase your results:

1.    Ask for what you want. I start every new endeavor by praying for success. I’ve never made a secret about my faith and respect that not everyone is of the same.  So, if prayer to whomever doesn’t work for you, skip number one. But THE most important step that I ever take is to pray and ask God for the results that I want. But asking is not enough. You have to BELIEVE that you received a big, resounding “yes” WHEN you prayed and let everything else be about walking out your faith.  Your belief in reaching your goal should be unwavering and make your journey more njoy-able. I mean, if you KNOW that you’re going to reach BSL, then you shouldn’t stress it if you get some shedding or have what appears to be a setback. Keep moving forward in faith. And please, don’t think that this is trivial or unworthy of prayer. God cares about even the smallest of your concerns.  The Bible says that a woman’s long hair is a glory given to her as a covering. Besides, it’s not what you ask for, it’s your faith that releases the blessing. Ask, believing, and you shall receive. Can I get an amen?  Moving on…

2.    Think of 3 positive things about your hair.  Can’t? Not true.  Look closely. Give it some real thought. Perhaps a negative is really a positive. Maybe a positive about your bushy hair is it’s thickness. Be mindful of descriptive terms that seem negative that can be reevaluated to become positive, such as thickness.  One person’s negative is another person’s dream! Please don’t skip this exercise. Look at your hair through the eyes of love. It’s your baby. Find 3 good things to say about it and post it. Afraid to post it? Then maybe you don’t really believe it. C’mon. Boldly state 3 positive things about your hair. Put it out there. You can do it.

3.   Give yourself a High Five!  Spend at least 5 minutes a day looking at yourself in the mirror and showing your hair loving appreciation.  Smile. Tell yourself how beautiful your hair is and give thanks for it. Your baby is growing.  NJoy watching its uniqueness and see it as your crown of glory. Let’s make this a regular part of your challenge. You can do this while doing your regular grooming or maintenance. Swing that hair. Bounce those twists. NJoy your tresses. And, this leads me to…

5.    Call those things that be not as though they were.  Speak life over your hair and the whole process of reaching your goal. Stop complaining about your hair and pointing out problems that you’re having with it.  Instead, get in the habit of only speaking (or posting) of the beauty of your hair and the positive experiences that you’re having in your journey. This is especially helpful in conjunction with number 2.  While you are caring for your hair or spending time appreciating your hair, speak life over it. For example, if your hair is dry and brittle, say “I’m drinking more water, moisturizing it regularly and it is more supple because of it.” Or, “My hair is healthy and I see it becoming more supple and balanced every day”. Hey, how about,  “I’m learning how to handle my hair. Detangling is easier than ever.”  Or, “My hair is long, strong and healthy and getting longer every day”.  Reprogram your thinking and speaking when it comes to your  hair.  Another one could be “My hair is healthy because I know how to ask for help when I have questions and take positive steps to resolve issues”.  I’m not saying to act like you have no issues. I’m saying see the end result from the beginning, know that you’re going to get there and speak from THAT positition. Don’t give voice to negative thoughts. If you have questions or need help, that’s different. Ask. But don’t put your hair down in doing so. KWIM?

All of these exercises help to reprogram your thinking and speaking as it relates to your hair. Learn to love it today while looking forward to the vision that you have for it at your goal length.  Do NOT underestimate the power of these exercises in helping you to reach your hair goals. There’s power in what you believe and what you speak forth. This, I know for certain and I continue to do and hope that you join me.  Speaking of joining, share this with someone else or in your groups.  Invite them to join our challenge. Pay it forward. Be a blessing and watch your blessings unfold.

Ready? Let’s grow!!

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