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Split ends

Hola 2014 Hair Growth Challengers!

The busyness of the holidays caused me to temporarily abandon my regular hair regimen, specifically moisturizing and finger detangling.  I kept my hair in twists that I pinned up while I ran around doing all my last minute shopping and getting through Christmas.  I kept promising myself that I’d get to it later.  When New Year’s Eve rolled around, I rushed to deep condition and thoroughly detangle my hair, hoping to wear my hair out.  If I thought that was going to be a breeze, I soon found that I had another thing coming.

An important part of my regimen is to finger detangle every two to three days to remove shed hairs.  If I don’t, the sheds wrap around my hair, causing tangles and knots.  Well, because of my neglect, my head was full of them.  And as it got closer to NYE party time, I rushed through my thorough detangling process and ended up cutting out knots and tearing through tangles.  This is something that I try to avoid at all costs but, I had so many other things to do to prepare for NYE and so little time.  I finally decided that I wasn’t going to finish in time and put my hair away into a makeshift updo.

I continued detangling the next day and decided that I’d done enough damage to my hair that I should start off the new year with fresh ends, a la a fresh trim.  As I trimmed, I remembered that I njoy the feeling of my hair after a fresh trim.  And I love the idea of having freshly cut ends.  Something about it reminds me of cutting the stems of beautiful roses so that nourishing water could be drawn upwards to bring life to the beautiful blooms.

I thought this would be a good for you to consider whether your own hair deserves a good trim and freshly cut ends.

Take a few minutes to assess the condition of your ends.  Are you seeing many splits? Are they rough, unruly and prone to tangling.  If so, you may want to consider giving yourself a good trim at the beginning of our challenge.

I know. I know.  We’re trying to grow our hair longer so, why on earth would you want to cut now?

Well, an important part of our challenge is maintaining the length grown so that the inches will accumulate to bring you the length that you desire.   Tangles and rough handling are major causes of split ends.  Other causes are:

  • lack of moisture
  • heated appliances (blowdryers, curling irons and flat irons)
  • chemical treatments (weakens the hair, allowing for splits)
  • elastic bands and other hair accessories (that may tangle with and tear the hair)
  • poor-quality grooming tools (brushes and combs with seams)
  • towel drying and rubbing against clothing
  • cold, dry weather (robs the hair of moisture)

Some say that you should trim your hair every 6-8 weeks to get it to grow.  I don’t agree.  I think you should trim your hair as needed to avoid those splits traveling up the shaft of your hair and causing breakage.  I do agree that you should check your ends regularly, as clip splits, as needed.  This is called Searching and Destroying (or the Search and Destroy Technique).  I’ll cover that more thoroughly in later posts this week.  But for now, I’m committed to trimming my hair every six months, with search and destroys as needed in between.  This, in addition to regular deep conditioning and proper moisturizing and sealing, will keep my ends in check and allow me to grow without having to cut off my progress, or worse, have it break off.

So, take a few moments and assess whether you could use a good trim here at the beginning of the challenge and decide what your trim schedule will be.  This will become part of your 2014 Hair Growth regimen.

Post below to let us know what you intend to do.


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