Who said you can’t do anything about hereditary hair loss? (pics)


Good morning, Divas! Remember me telling you that I filled in my hereditary widow’s peak in my hairline?  Well, I never really noticed I had it until I started wearing my hair pulled up into buns and then I saw a pic of my daughter in a magazine.  It was official.  My dad passed down […]

I’m excited so many of you are trying my improved growth formula.

It’s a perfect mix of  of all-natural ingredients.  I’m sure you’ll be pleased with it and I’m looking forward to the results we’re going to get.  Remember to sign up at mydivaspot so that I’m able to share tips and recipes to increase your results.  I’m also considering throwing in some contests to help keep […]

Herbal Tip: Rosemary Hair Growth Tonic

Rosemary has been used in herbal and traditional medicines for thousands of years for its numerous healing properties. According to author Cox, one of these properties is the ability to promote hair growth. Rosemary can be used in herb or essential oil form to help stimulate the hair follicles. When used in herb form, dried […]