Juicing your way to strong, healthy hair

Juicing for Hair Growth & Health: Benefits & Limitations Hair is in a funky predicament when it comes to your diet. It has to wait in line behind your vital organs to get whatever nutrients are left over from the foods you eat. Therefore, you may be eating vitamins and minerals (micronutrients) but that doesn’t […]

Woohoo! Check me out! I’m getting a new look and feel!

As you can see, I’m in the process of revamping the site AND the forums.  I’m really excited because it will make it easier for me to manage the 2014 Hair Growth Challenge.  You’ll see more frequent video updates that will be posted right here on the blog.  Those posts will be shared across social […]

How Does Long & Healthy Essentials compare to Hairfinity Vitamins?

Long & Healthy

Hi Divas!  Ok, so I’ve already had this question asked of me several times since I’ve announced the release of Long & Healthy Essentials (Vitamin Complex for Hair Growth). Before I get to the side-by-side comparison of the ingredients labels, let me point out that supplementing your diet with vitamins, minerals and amino acids is […]

Understanding Protein and Moisture Balancing for Black Hair Care

Hair Breakage Solutions By Audrey Sivasothy, author of Hair Care Rehab Do you find random hairs in your comb, on your shirt, on your sinks and on your bathroom floors? Are you finding hair everywhere but securely upon your head? What is going on? You may have a problem with hair breakage. For black hair […]