hey has anyone used this or any sulfur mixed and see growth results? I've heard many claim 1"growth a month and I just wanna be one of those people!!! I just got some sulfur 8 cause ik mom won't let me be a diy girl with sulfur. Even when I add eo to my sulfur 8 shes like, "well you dunno the chemistry to this and wan wan wan danger wan wan wan NO!" (sorry lol I don't mean to mock my mom or anything but I'm just trying to get the point across without having to state the whole conversation ). I even told her I searched online and found no harmful effects from adding eo to sulfur. Sorry that was unrelated but sulfur 8 seems like it's good cause it tingled my scalp even after I fell asleep when I greased my head with it last night, which is like 30min-1hr+ of stimulation!!!!!!!!♡♥♡ But what are your experiences?