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Hola, Divas.

Hope Winter was as kind to y'all as it was to me down here in Texas. For ONCE in I don't know HOW many years, that silly groundhog was right and our winter has been rather Spring-like. IF you believe in that, of course. I don't TBH.

I missed my one year Nappaversary on 1-31-16 as it fell on a Sunday and all the good stylists were closed and was lazy for the month of February. To make up for it, I went on 3-4-16 just to see what has happened. I have to report a Good News/Bad News type deal.

*Good News- My hair had grown drastically, with the back past my shoulders!

* Bad News- The front/crown area that had the damage before I BC'd last year broke, leaving my with a 1/2 inch of growth. It was as if it NEVER grew but it DID, just broke away. The stylist theorized that it was nerve damage from the aftermath of the relaxer gone wrong. *Please Advise* The damage is in a crescent shape, making it hard to fully camouflage.

I have no regimen except that I've been avoiding heat except for 2X a year and trying different cleansing products. I STILL have no idea of hair type or porosity. *Sigh* I see so many products but don't wanna waste my money.

I must say that I appreciate my NHJ along with the trial and error. I've gotten questions from my non- black friends about when I was gonna show off my real hair and side-eyes from my well meaning mother, wondering when I was gonna go get it back relaxed. *Sides eyes to a record scratch* WHY would I go back to the very thing that jacked my hair up so soon?! Maybe when I'm 30, I'll reevaluate it all. I'm 28.5 presently.

That's my update. Pics to follow soon.
So, wayment. Your hair broke off in that same area that had the damage before you big chopped. It left you with 1/2 inch of growth? Meaning your hair is about 1/2 inch in that area or it broke 1/2 inch above the new growth? I'm confused. Can you explain AND post a pic?