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Thread: Texlaxed and considering transition to natural. Help!

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    Texlaxed and considering transition to natural. Help!

    I've been on my hhj since 2009 and immediately started texlaxing my hair. I BC'd most of my relaxed ends Jan 2010. I couldn't cut any shorter than SL so I've been trimming bit by bit since. I'm completely texlaxed now and maybe an inch away from apl. I texlaxed because I felt it would be an easier transition to natural. Now, I'm ready to stop using the creamy crack and officially transition to natural.

    I'm about 10 weeks post and thought my ng would be similar to my ng. I'm going to continue to grow my hair out to see how much of a difference I notice.

    I'm wondering how much of a difference it will actually be. Maybe I can transition without cutting out the texlaxed hair. Has anyone done this and felt that there wasn't enough difference in the hair textures to warrant a chop? I'm crossing my fingers that this is the case because I'm so close to APL I can taste it!!!

    Are there any products that help the 2 textures blend? I want long, thick hair and feel that my hair won't be long until it's at least apl.
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    Re: Texlaxed and considering transition to natural. Help!

    I'm texlaxed and have felt like my ng grows in similar to my texlaxed hair (well, there have been times when it was hard to tell the difference). I haven't transitioned quite yet so, I don't know that I can fully answer your question but, just wanted to get responses started.

    I'm stretching my relaxer as long as I can. If I can manage to stretch to a year, then I'll officially consider myself transitioning. I have relaxed ends that will be chopped off at some point but, I don't know that there's enough difference between my light texlaxing and my natural hair so, I'm hoping the two blend well. I'm sure braidouts and twistouts will help with blending but, other than that, I'm learning right along with you.

    I vote you continue on to apl and see whatcha get. Make it work, girl.
    Let's grow some hair!!

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    Re: Texlaxed and considering transition to natural. Help!

    I think it depends on how you actually texlax your hair. I see some people who "texlax" but their hair almost looks bone-straight with very little texture left in it.
    I say, if you feel like your new-growth looks similar to your texlaxed hair....then just transition for a loooooong time. I mean like 1-2 years then if you see a noticeable difference, then start mini-chopping.

    Now in regards to products to help make the two textures blend...I can't really suggest any. BUT there are hair styles, such as braid-outs, twist-outs, twists/braid and curls, flexi rod sets and so much more.
    As for products.....I know alot of naturals use Glycerin based products...or mix glycerin with water and seal with something heavy like shea-butter or a shea-butter mix. But if you are using something that already works for your new-growth and texlaxed hair...then stick to it until u see otherwise (this coming from a product

    OOOH yeah, there is also a youtuber named aquajoice who is transitioning from texlaxed to natural. Her videos may be able to assist you.
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