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Thread: ** Post Your Daily Gratitude List**

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    Re: ** Post Your Daily Gratitude List**

    I'm so thankful that my procedure to place a stent in my dad's artery went well.
    I'm thankful that I am surounded by godly and positive people.
    I'm thankful that I ws able to take my kids on a shopping spree for a new spring wardrobe.
    I am thankful that I'm able to resume healthy eating habits.
    I'm thankful that even tho situations get stressful around me (like dad's health), I am not overtaken by stress.
    Let's grow some hair!!

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    Re: ** Post Your Daily Gratitude List**

    I'm grateful that I have today off and my son's in school.
    I'm grateful that I have life, good health and strength.
    I'm grateful for friendly neighbors and a comfortable neighborhood.
    I'm grateful that my son is finally over the stomach virus that went around his classroom..
    I'm grateful that God loves and keeps me.

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