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Thread: Common Acronyms and Hair Care Terms

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    Post Common Acronyms and Hair Care Terms

    Common Acronyms and Hair Care Terminology
    ACV - Apple Cider Vinegar
    APL - Arm Pit Length
    AO GPB - Aubrey Organics GlycogenProtein Balancer
    AO HSR – Aubrey Organics HoneysuckleRose

    BAA – Big A$$ Afro
    BC - Big Chop
    BSB – Below Shoulder Blade
    BSS - Beauty Supply Store
    BSL - Bra Strap Length
    BTW - By The Way

    CBL – Collar Bone Length
    CD HM - Carol's Daughter Hair Milk
    CD HHB - Carol's Daughter HealthyHair Butter
    CD SoMM- Carol’s Daughter Some of Marguerite’sMagic
    CL – Classic Length
    CON - Creme of Nature
    CW -Cowash or Conditioner Wash
    CWO – Conditioner washing only

    DB - Deep Brilliance
    DC – Deep Conditioner or DeepConditioning

    EL – Ear Length
    EO - Essential Oil
    EPO - Evening Primrose Oil
    EVCO – Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
    EVOO - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    HELTR – Herbal Essence Long TermRelationship
    HHG - Happy Hair Growing
    HHJ - Healthy Hair Journey
    HL – Hip Length
    HTH - Hope This Helps

    ICAM – I Couldn’t Agree More
    IMHO - In My Humble Opinion
    IMO - In My Opinion
    IIRC - If I Remember Correctly
    ITA - I Too Agree

    JBCO – Jamaican Black Castor Oil
    JMO – Just My Opinion

    KUTGW – Keep Up The Good Work
    LBL – Lower Back Length
    LUST - L'oreal Unfrizz SmoothingTreatment

    MBL – Mid Back Length
    MN – Miconazole (Antifungal foundin Monistat)
    MTG - Shapley's Original 'Mane-Tail-Groom'

    NL – Neck Length
    NTM - Neutrogena Triple Moisture
    NSFW - Not Safe For Work

    Pic – Picture or photo
    PJ - Product Junkie
    PS – Protective Style

    SHS – Scissor Happy Stylist
    SL – Shoulder Length
    SSK - Single Strand Knot

    TBL – Tail Bone Length
    TIA - Thanks In Advance
    TL – Thigh Length
    TWA - Teeny Weeny Afro
    WGO - Wild Growth Oil or Wheatgerm Oil
    WL – Waist Length

    Baggied Bun – Wrapping moisturized hair into a bun and then covering it with a plastic baggy to retain moisture.
    Big Chop - Cutting off relaxed ends or cutting hair down to natural hair.
    Bump or Bumping - A post made to cause the thread to move to the top or higher up on the list of threads.
    CoWashing - Using conditioner to wash hair instead of shampoo.
    Dusting - cutting approx 1/8 - 1/12 of an inch from your ends to maintain your hair. It can be done to search and destroy split ends or to keep up your trims. Many people consider a trim to be 1-2 inches. When you dust, you don’t notice much of a difference.
    Oil Rinsing - Used to add moisture to the hair. Wash hair (or cowash) in warm water. Cover strands with oil of choice, working it through. Rinse well with very warm water. The apply favorite conditioner and rinse with cool water to close cuticles and seal in moisture. Many report this process makes detangling easier.
    Slip - When the comb glides through the hair (tangle free).
    Whole-Head Baggy – Wearing a plastic cap on the head, mainly overnight, to retain moisture.

    ** If there are others that should be added, please reply to this post. Your assistance in keeping this listing up to date is appreciated. Remember, we're all in this together. Help us to make MyDivaSpot YOUR Diva Spot!
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    Re: Common Acronyms and Hair Care Terms

    Could you please add a couple of lines to explain oil rinses - I learned about these recently and they're great. TIA - please add TIA too - thanks in advance.

    Ooh - I've just remembered please add SSK - the dreaded single strand knots.
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    Re: Common Acronyms and Hair Care Terms

    There's a new term coined by EbonyCPrincess floating around. It's NLV (Non-Length Victory). I love it because it celebrates every victory we have along the journey to our goal length. Check out her blog

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