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Well, it's a New Year and Time to get to work on NEW Goals!!

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Well we made it! 2012, welcome! I've been waiting on you.

2010 I rocked my hair goals and grew from Shoulder Length (SL) to grazing Waist Length (WL). 2011, I was less focused on hair but still made my goal of grazing Hip Length (HL). 2011 started out very stressful for me with my mom going through the final stage of cancer. It took me months after her passing to even feel like myself again. Once I started pulling it together, I started focusing on my father's health and my own home and family situation. Thankfully, I've experienced some awesome things in these areas. And, as I reflected on all that has happened and come to pass in 2010 and 2011, I am brimming with excitement for 2012! So, with all that excitement, I set new and aggressive goals for 2012.

First, I've extended my hair goal. When I first started my hhj in 2010, my ultimate goal was to reach MBL. Well, I exceeded that goal, to say the least. Then I decided that HL would be my final destination, hairwise. And, I didn't even want a full HL. Just to have the tip of my "V" hemline grazing HL. I thought anything beyond that would be too much hair and have me looking like Cousin It from the Adam's Family.

Well guess what. I wondered what TBL would look like on me so I took a long, straight phonytail and pinned it to the back of my head to get an idea. Here's what it looked like.

Yes! Yes! I love it! So, I've decided to extend my hair goal to TBL with a full, thick "V" hemline. I think the V is necessary so that I'm not overwhelmed by the sheer bulk of that length.

So I've started using that pic to visualize my new goal length. But, even as I use that pic, it still feels like it should be a tad longer. So, I edited another pic to use to visualize. And here's what I came up with

I don't know about you but I LOVE IT!!!

And I'm not quite sure what length that is but, I'm saying full TBL and visualizing these two pics. Yes, I'm still talking about visualizing growth. Maybe you haven't read my post in the Create the Life of Your Dreams Challange. Well, here it it:

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Good morning, Divas.

Today, I've spent time in prayer, giving thanks for all that I have and the ability to call those things that be not as tho they were.

I had an interesting revelation today. As you know, I absolutely believe there is positive benefit to visualizing. It's not something that has to be done for long durations of time or as a regular ritual either, per se. It's more of an assured belief of having what you visualize, feeling the joy and then giving thanks.

Many of you know that I partially attribute my growth from last year to visualizing. Each month, I'd update a length check pic about an inch and I'd see that come to pass. But at the end of the year, it floored me to find that my visualized year end pic looked very similar to my actual year end pic. Check out this post that I made in another forum:

Ok, y'all remember this post?

So I mentioned using my vision board for my hair goals. I also mentioned that I was confessing wl from the beginning of the year when it sounded silly. I have to say that I was looking at my vision board last night and realized something. For visualizing my growth I print out a rearfacing pic of myself and use a marker to extend the length of my hair (I'm SO low tech when it comes to image editing software. I just kept it old skool). My goal for the year was pasted to my vision board and I'd attatch the next goal pic on top of it with a clip. So, for instance, in September, I attached my expectations for the end of the month (maybe this makes sense if you find the post where I broke down how I post smaller milestone goal pics that my mind could easily accept).

Anywho, in December, I had up my goal pic for the end of January. Last night I realized that I've been so preoccupied with family issues that I hadn't updated my pic or checked my length. I took the pic down and saw my year end goal pic from last year. The pic was just grazing wl and it hit me that it looks EXACTLY like my actual year end pic. I mean in every way! Where the "v" starts and ends. EXACTLY!!!

That was the end of December and we're in Feb now so, I know that it's even longer than that. I'm updating my goal pic but wanted to share. Even though I'm expecting it, I'm still in awe of the exactness of my manifestations.

ETA: Wanted to show my 2 pics side-by-side:

I just had a revelation and had to run over and share.

I haven't been visualizing anything hair-related this year...intentionally. This year was going to be about getting in shape, living in a beautiful home, my dad's health improving, surrounding myself with likeminded people and building a charitable organization. Since I was so close to my goal, the only thing that I wanted hair-related was gorgeous thickness.

That said, please look at my avi pic. That is one of my fave protective styles. It's a wig (can't remember the name offhand but, I've posted the name a few times in a couple wigs thread here). I love the thickness and general LARGENESS.

Fast forward to me trying to wear my hair out for my anniversary last week. Check out this pic and compare to my avi pic:

I complained about feeling like Mufasa but, when I went to put the wig on today, it occurred to me that I'm Mufasa in that wig. Ok, I curled my hair under and didn't do all the added curls but, my hair is layered and could curl like that with the bulk landing right where the bulk is landing there. I stretched the length and it's the same length as my hair. If I had styling skills, I can get that same look for you year end pic and it would be exactly what I want!

Then it occurred to me that I see that pic several times daily in my avi and as my FB profile pic. I was visualizing and didn't even realize it.

That said, um... I suggest everyone gets some pics made with your goal length and keep it in front of you. Whether I intended to visualize or not, I got exactly what I saw for myself.

I've gotten really good at manifesting what I visualize so.... I will be making my 2012 goal!

And, I plan to document that growth here in my blog. I'll share exactly what I'm doing. In addtional to visualizing and giving thanks I will be taking great care of my hair including getting back to using my Sulfur Mix (here's the recipe and pics of my results).

I didn't use the sulfur mix consistently last year because I've been stretching my relaxers and didn't want the extra manipulation. But, I have the hang of long stretching now. Last year's stretch was during an extremely stressful period in my life but, this time around, (I'm 37 wks post texlax now) I'm experiencing no problems and feel comfortable incorporating an aggressive growth plan including growth aids and scalp massages.

If you're interested in tagging along, you know where to find me. I'll be right here and posting in the 2012 Sulfur Challenge in the forum. I'll be taking and answering questions in that thread. Questions on visualizing growth will be answered in the Create the Life of Your Dreams thread.

So where am I now? What's my starting point for 2012? Here ya go!

Now, let's get this party started right! I'm taking 2012 by storm! Oh, and btw, keep an eye on my body too. I have a body pic that I'm visualizing for myself too. I'm hoping to go back to Jamaica this summer and I will be FIERCE!!!

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