Hair, Health, Hubby, Hobby, & High Hopes!

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Hi ladies! I know I've been MIA but I've had so much going on.

HAIR: I am so thankful for the encouragement you guys gave me recently. I feel like I am back on track with my hair! I have normal shedding and my breakage is greatly reduced. I don't even feel the need to trim it like I did before. My last relaxer was the Sunday before Thanksgiving and I plan to do my next one in February. One thing that has really been working for me is being consistent in "haircare", although not necessarily my "regimen". When it's bedtime I'm usually so tired and I don't want to be bothered with my hair. I've noticed that I'm more consistent when I moisturize and seal in the mornings so that's what I've been doing and it's really working for me! To finish out the year I plan to do an overnight prepoo, wash, airdry, and flat iron. I'll have hubby take my year-end progress pic and post it soon. How's your hair?

HEALTH: I found all but one of the pounds I lost! lol - I'm really planning on getting my weight down in 2012. I don't like diets because when it's over you tend to drift back into the same unhealthy habits. I need to make some permanent lifestyle changes. I want to lose 20-30 lbs. Two of my favorite exercise dvds are the Biggest Loser Power Walk, and Leslie Sansone's Walk At Home. I love these because even when I'm not feeling good I can still get a little exercise in! How are you going to improve your health in 2012?

HUBBY: Hubby and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary last week and he surprised me with a beautiful coat, gloves, and scarf. It meant alot because I'd been looking for a coat exactly like the one he got me and had no idea he even knew! He says he's in tune to my needs lol =) What's the most thoughtful gift your hubby ever got you?

HOBBY: So I've already mentioned that I enter sweepstakes as a hobby. This year I've won over $8000 in cash and prizes. It's such a fun hobby! Some of the bigger wins include a Wii, a PlayStation 3, a $1000 shopping spree, a trip to a football game, a Nikon camera worth $600+, and an ATV worth $4000!!! What are your hobbies?

HIGH HOPES: I have high hopes for 2012 and I'm really excited about it. At the beginning of the year I plan to spend some time off line so I won't be around after December 31st until sometime in February. What are you looking forward to in 2012?
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  1. mividabella's Avatar
    HAIR: I want to focus on nailing my regimen, finding a great protein solution, and hair health over length. But I do want to reach my goal of WL.

    HEALTH: The dvds sound like a great idea! Hubby got me an exercise machine that I use at home, but I really want to take a dance class to get me more motivated. We have switched to organic meat, and I want to switch to locally grown produce next.

    HUBBY: CONGRATS on 7 years! What do you think has attributed to your marital success? We will be celebrating 4 years at the end of January. Hubby surprised me with a makeover for Mother's Day & concert tickets (our first date night) since having the children. It really was special since I haven't been feeling the best after having two babies.

    HOBBY: Wow! You go girl! I want to get back into my hobby (reading & crocheting), and learn how to sew and digital scrapbook. I coupon as well, but you have me thinking about entering some of these sweeps!

    HIGH HOPES: I'm looking forward to "Life After", I will be working on my career transition, so I am ready to get that started.
  2. NJoy's Avatar
    Hey Tink! Glad to see you back.

    HAIR: My hair is behaving really well lately. I'm 36 wks post and having no detangling issues like I did the last time I did a long stretch. Shoot, I had 3 MAJOR detangling nightmares before I decided to go ahead and texlax @ 38 weeks last time. But, there was a lot of stress in my life so, maybe that made the difference.

    I washed my hair the night before and combined some of the twists to make 6 braids ALL detangled thoroughly. I'm feeling like I just hit lotto. I was able to part and comb through my hair so, life is gooooood in hairville right now.

    If you hadn't noticed my new avi pic, that's my new goal length for 2012. I've decided to go longer after pinning a phonytail to the back of my hair to see what it would look like at that length. I like it! So, I'm using it to visualize my new goal. What do you think? I think that's about TBL.

    HEALTH: Girl, I found every pound that I lost. I think they were hiding under the macaroni and cheese because when I ate it, I found 'em. smh. I've decided to do a better job at being consistent with my workouts, heading to LA Fitness after I drop the kids off at school at least 3 days a week. Also, I'm really making an effort to keep my water intake up. I've been dehydrated for the past week or more, off an on. I'm committed to doing better.

    FAMILY: Congrats on your 7th anniversary! We celebrated 15 this past November. Seems like 7 was eons ago. For our anniversary, he bought me a diamond tennis bracelet. We've been looking at these throughout the first year of our marriage. He told me once, every 5 years he'd get me diamonds. On our 5th anniversary he bought me earrings, at 10, a pendant and now a tennis bracelet. I think that's very thoughtful that he's keeping his promise. I didn't even realize it until he pointed it out to me tho.

    HOBBY: My hair is my hobby. Other than that, I njoy reading, movies and organizing charitable events.

    HIGH HOPES: I have high hopes for life in general. In 2012, I hope to give more money than I make, inspire someone to be or do something great, make a host of new friends, rock a tight body, tbl hair and sleep each night knowing that I've made someone's day.
  3. Get More Joy's Avatar
    Tink, that was a great year end summary! Looks like 2011 was a blessed year for you and your family.

    I ended 2011 with more hair than I thought I'd have. I had a surge in growth during the last months of the year that put me below BSL and headed for MBL. This year I'm still working on strengthening and thickening the hair of my crown.

    My weight ended at a high so 2012 is the year that I get back to my fighting weight. I also want to regain the strength that I've loss.

    Family has been up and down but everyone is well, and my relationship with my boyfriend is wonderful.

    I neglected my business last year because of family and school obligations, but I have lots of opportunities falling my lap. I'm going to grab as many of them as I can handle.

    I pray you all get everything you desire for 2012!