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March 2011 Check Length Check

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1st quarter of 2011 was pretty rough on me, personally. I stayed by my mother's side as she went through the final stage of cancer and passed away. During this time, I had very little time or focus for haircare. I was 7 through 9 months post relaxer and kept my hair in 4 Celie braids most of the time. I moisturized as often as I could remember, baggied my hair most nights and hoped for the best.

There was a time when I dunked my head whle in the tub and it locked 3 of my back braids together into the knot from hell. I didn't have time to detangle so, I saturated it in oil and conditioner, threw on a plastic cap and scarf and went about my business of seeing about mom. The next day, I attempted to detangle the knot but got frustrated and ripped the braids apart. I figured, in the grand scheme of things, it was only hair. That was the first of my detangling nightmares.

Since then, I had two additional episodes, most recently just a few nights ago, and it wasn't pretty. I've decided that it's time to end my stretch. I'm 37 weeks post. I intended to stretch for 24 weeks but had no time once things started getting tough with mom. So, I plan to texlax this weekend.

I did flat iron my hair near the end of March for mom's funeral, in an attempt to wear it out. However, the weather had other plans. So, my hair in my length check pic is a little poofy and curled from being in a bun. But, the thickness is de-licious.

Here's that pic:

We'll see how my texlax goes after 9 months of stretching. Stay tuned.