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Loving people again

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I just watched Oprah's life class and I was struck by her term "Energy suckers." I understand the concept, but I always called them vampires. People who seem to suck out your energy. Now I have a better term, lol.

My fast is going well. I bought a case of Oreos for Halloween, and even though they were really tempting, I controlled myself. Although the people in my house didn't.

This week I've been feeling so much joy and happiness. Because I feel completely like myself again. Last week I realized I wasn't doing the things that bring me joy. And because I wasn't being myself, I felt so fake. And the only way to bring authenticity back to my life, was by living in my truth. And doing things I love to do.

Which leads to this week. I've started responding to strangers on the street again. Strangers talking to me, used to annoy me so much. And I thought it was a New York thing. Until I moved to another state. And it was worst there. And I never understood why people strike up conversations with me; and tell me very personal things about their lives. I used to think they were all just crazy.

Now I realize, it's because I love people. And I love talking to them, and hearing about their lives. And that's why I never thought New Yorkers were rude. Because that's not my experience.

I still have 2 other people living with me. At first it was hard for me, because I wanted to be alone. But now I enjoy having them here. Plus my mother reminded me that I've been taking in people since I was a teen. Almost everyone of my friends, has lived with me at some time or another. That's why I need a bigger house!!!!

My hair is longer, I guess it's bra length now. But I'm going to cut off 2 inches. And I'm thinking about going natural again. Except I'm really tender headed. My daughter likes doing my hair. And I'm such a baby, I say ouch when I feel the comb near my hair. Yes, near it, LOL.

I'm planning my move to Korea. I'm giving myself a year to plan it. And my husband and I, are still going to Israel soon.

I hope everyone is still focused on their goals!

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