GOT a Weave

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And Iam really happy with it

My Strategy is to hide my hair this entire winter
and Massage that wonderful sulfur mix into my scalp a few times a weeks
For optimal Growth

I will take breaks in between installments
But go right back to the weave

MOM did this when I was younger... Hide my hair in braids then as I got older she hid them under tracks so I know that my hair doesnt mind being tucked away n left alone. I have a love for Sew-In... Never suffered from an installment before. :::Knocks on wood::
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  1. NJoy's Avatar
    It looks really good, Girl. Very natural.

    What causes damage with weaves. Is it getting it sewn in too tight or something about the edges? I think I may try a weave too but I'm not sure what to watch out for.