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26 weeks post texlax

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Well, if you've been following me on the boards, then you know that I did not texlax yet. I'm 26 weeks post and still in braids.

I feel like I've been a little lazy with protecting my ends. I was rolling the ends of my braids on flexirods but, not lately. So, last night, I decided to do a search and destroy since I saw some splits. Seeing splits is new to me because of the extreme protective styling that I'd been doing. Also, I was keeping my ends in check with periodic use of my Split Ender. I'll probably use the Split Ender later tonight because, even tho I did a search and destroy, I can't be sure that I got all of the splits --especially in the back. With the Split Ender, I get freshly cut ends without losing noticeable length.


My 10 makeshift braids have been turned into 10 makeshift cornrows. Hey, I'm trying!

The cornrows have been in for at least a week. I'm washing and DC'g in the cornrows, moisturizing, oiling and rebraiding as needed. I've also been able to apply scalp treatments while braided by using the "Roots Only" applicator. I'm sure a single-nozzle applicator bottle works great also but, I like how the Roots Only applicator distributes my treatments. Then I can simply follow up by massaging it in.

After my search and destroy last night, I oiled my braids with EVOO. This morning I will steam, oil rinse and cowash, still in braids.

As for my regular styling (or non-styling), I either wear my hair wrapped in a scarf, like so:
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or, I wig it. Here's a pic of me in my latest purchase, Freetress Samara Girl:
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I picked up some henna so, I hope to henna at some point this week. Tonight would be great, if I can get to it but, we'll see. I'll definitely need to take my braids out to do the treatment and I'm not sure that I'm prepared to deal with that right now. But again, we'll see. As always, I'll keep you posted. TTFN (ta ta for now)


  1. jlissa's Avatar
    That's a really cute wig, I like it.

    I'm dealing with split ends too. I hardly ever get them, and the other day I decided to check and there they were! I haven't chopped them off yet, because I may end up cutting all my hair off. Don't know why I love chopping my hair off, lol!

    I guess it's time to try a cute wig!!!