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I felt like a fake because I was part 2

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Yesterday was huge for me. These past 2 weeks have been huge for me. I've realized and understood so much.

- When you're not living your truth you will feel miserable

-Inside you know who you are. You know the truth. And when people lie to you, and try to label you as something you're not; even if your mind accepts it for a little while; your soul, your heart rejects it.

- When you shine, others shine. People believe that when you shine, your light outshines theirs. And that's simply not true. Your light shines on them, and magnifies their light. It's like a darkened house. When you turn on the kitchen light, it doesn't outshine the living room. They work together to make the whole house shine.

-When people tell you things and you believe if, it's because you already believed it. I was hit with negativity when I was doubting myself. So it made it easier for me to believe the lies. Especially since it came from someone close to me. I thought, well it must be true if they can see it too.

-The best students have the hardest lessons

-You have to have faith in yourself and the gifts you've been given. The world will always doubt. They doubted cars, computers, televisions, movies, planes. But these things exist because the inventors had faith in their gifts. Your gifts have been given to you to use. Use them!

- Your gifts will never diminish anyone else's gift. Everyone has gifts. Someone else's may seem more valuable, because our society places a higher value on it. But every talent and skill you have is valuable to someone, somewhere.

-Sometimes letting go seems cruel, but it's the best thing you can do for someone. Because it makes room for people who truly love them.