*** NJoy's Sulfur Growth Aid Challenge***2011

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That's a good note NJoy..stopping the sulfur application before the textlax. I wanted to get some (more) advice. I washed and conditioned my hair in anticipation for my twist I got on Sunday. I hair is 4b with some 4a texture in there too. I'm 13 months post relaxer...not I don't want to "big" chop until August 2012, which will actually be a "small" chop.

Anyway, I think once I reach waist length I will flat iron once a week and use protective styling when stretching for 4-6 months. But, lately I have been heavily considering relaxing or texlaxing (by a professional with experience with virgin hair) my hair when I reach waist length. Any advice??? Should I wait so long or should I do it before I hit waist length...which I anticipate on being no later than December 31, 2012.

Thanks all,
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