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Action Cures Fear

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Today has been an amazing day. It started off shaky, I didn't feel like working so I started off reading a book called " The Magic Of Thinking Big." And it was absolutely the best thing I could have done today.

I was having doubts about moving abroad. I still don't know what country I want to live in. And how can I just leave my husband to live in another country. And....... I just had a million reasons why I couldn't do it.

Plus someone just said" You'll never live in Thailand." When I heard that, at first I was angry and disappointed. Then I told them " you really don't know me do you?" I started explaining all the things I have accomplished. While doing that I realized I've accomplished 90% of the things I wanted to do in life. 90%!

I had to sit back and just reflect on that. Every time I set a goal, I achieved it. I didn't talk about it, and wish. I took the steps I needed to take to get it done. Even when I was scared or had doubts, I took action.

And that's the most important thing I learned today. Action cures fears! When you sit around looking for reasons not to do it, your fear grows. When you hesitate, you discover reasons why you shouldn't do it. When you talk about your plans with people who haven't done it or can't imagine doing it; they try to dissuade you.

Taking action cures fears. That's what this book has taught me. And my life has shown me that I am a woman of action. So today has been a great day!
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  1. NJoy's Avatar
    Powerful stuff! And that sounds like a really good book. Who's the author?
  2. jlissa's Avatar
    It's by David J Schwartz. I keep having ah-ha moments reading it.

    Quote Originally Posted by NJoy
    Powerful stuff! And that sounds like a really good book. Who's the author?