in need of a Porosity Control treatment

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Breakage, UGGHH, Why do I lose so much hair?

Makes me want to scream n just go ahead n pull all my hair out

No matter how much moisture n conditioning I apply to my hair its always so dry
and when its wet, its gummy n gross

My hair doesnt really like oils either... I think it just sits on the strands, doesnt absorb.

Protein-Sensitive. Hair will get so hard n so stiff....equals breakage.

My Hair takes to long to dry for the length of it... Im only SL but I will go a whole day with damp hair when air-drying.

Did I mention my hair is Hard to moisturize, ddry and straw like.

My hair loves thick n heave DCS such as AO Honeysuckle and Nexxus Humectant

Ive always thought about my hair being porous but ACV Rinses never did much for me, actually my hair hated it.

But lately when I spray my hair with my Aloe Vera juice mix.... I can feel the difference (Finally).
My hair reacted in a good way My hair actually likes this.

After a google search both ACV and Aloe Vera Juice are different ways to combat overly porous hair.


Going to the BSS to get me the Roux porosity Control Conditioner and try to see if this can be a solution to my hair.

My question is: Is my hair low-porosity or high-porosity. And how do I fix or manage this?

How discouraging because I know moisture=length retention. Explains why Iam still at SL, a year later and havent gotten past. Setbacks after Setbacks... I should have been at APL by now

If this works, maybe I can finally do a stretch to 12-weeks post w/out my brittle dry hair breaking so bad all around me; which will lead to retaining more hair; which will lead me to finally officially claim APL.

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  1. NJoy's Avatar
    I always thought that if your hair was overly porous it would dry quickly. And since yours takes all day to dry, maybe this isn't your issue. Maybe you're experiencing product build up that's keeping moisture from reaching the shaft. When's the last time you've clarified your hair?

    I think I'd try clarifying and then doing a good DC (with steam, if possible) and see if that helps.
  2. Sweet_Intent's Avatar
    I did the hair strand test yday... 24hours later and that strand of hair is still floating. Which equals lo-porosity, tightly closed cuticles that doesnt let much water in or out. I did clarify with my ORS aloe rid poo last night... I might have had product buildup but this has always been an issue. And since I hardly do any protein treatment... yday I pre-poo with Giovanni smooth as silk xtreme condi and my hair feels great. Soy protein is not much a problem for protein-sensitive heads.