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Still stunned but worried.

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Ok, so I'm still feeling pretty shocked over my sneak peek. I mean, even tho I've visualized length and have been watching my progress pics...uh...progress, I'm still floored because I usually have my hair braided up and tucked away. I try not to watch my hair grow except thru pics. So, if you're stunned, that makes two of us.

But there are two things that I'm worried about. The first is that I'm going to do something to muck it all up. But that doesn't concern me half as much as the mad dash that everyone's making to get sulfur. Somehow I know someone is going to get just a little too zealous and have some sort of reaction to the sulfur, come back and complain in my direction.

Please let me say that the sulfur mix should be around 5-8% sulfur to solution. There's a warning that using 10% or more will cause a reaction in most people. It's easy to confuse calculations when you don't take into account that liquid weight and dry weight are not comparable. I'm worried about all the kitchen concoctions being made without being sure that what you're mixing up is safe for your personal use. I do a patch test with every batch that I make...STILL! You never know how you may react from month to month or season to season. That does have me concerned. I don't want anyone to say "NJoy said...", do your own thing and then come after me when your scalp has a negative reaction.

I share information freely, support everyone eagerly and am thankful for the sisterhood we all share. Take what I say and make sure that it makes sense for you. And read all that I've shared and take it all in together. I can't say it's this or that. All I can say is what I'm doing is working for me and may work for you too.

Whew. There. I had to get that off my chest so that I can enjoy my own excitement. I lay my burdens down and say to all, HHG!!!!

Now. Can I celebrate?!!

BTW, I'm so not wl yet. I haven't crossed the line. But I will!!! Thanks for the congrats and kind words. And for the few that said they were mad or I made them feel less than with their progress, be encouraged! If it can happen for me, it can happen for ANYONE! Now let's do the dayum thang!!!