Relaxer @12Weeks

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First.... I will not be stretching for that long again. At Least not until I can learn to detangle and deal with my dry n coarse NewGrowths.

What Ive been doing is after either washes or co-washes... I detangle in the shower just fine and apply my leave-ins. Hair lays flat and NewGrowths are soft for the next day or two. As the days go on, I keep my hair looking neat while Its a jungle underneath and continue on.

I had a braid-out/ twist-out the last 2weeks prior to relaxing. Whichs means my hair wasn't comb for about 12 days. The day prior to my relaxer, I decided that I absolutely HAVE to detangle the NG and remove the twist-out. If I had the Neutral Protein Filler I would have used that instead of the very expensive Chi SIlk infusion to apply all over my NewGrowths. I detangled with my Mane-Tail detangler which does do a great job. I lost a nice ball amount of hair but that didnt worry me since I knew I hadnt touched my hair with a comb for 2 straight weeks.

Day of relaxer... (Yesterday I parted n applied my CHI Silk Infusion to all of my NG about 1/2 hour before application and coat my previous relaxed hair with more CHI n Avocado Oil.

Before any tingling and burning... I rinsed the creamy crack (ORS Normal strength) out and Washed with my Nexxus Keraphix. Then followed with the Neutralizing shampoo. Kept it for 5mins, rinsed out then Kept it for another 3 minutes. By then my hair felt so strong, smooth and clean. Then came the ORS Replenishin Pak deep conditoner that I kept on for 15mins with Heat. Rinsed that out, all that protein scares me so I did a quick rinse with my AO HSR for a bit of moisture. Next week when I wash I will be doing a deep conditioning session.

Then came the rollerset. Apply my setting lotion and spritz with cold water. I also need ideas for a good setting lotion because I love rollersetting my hair. I had detangled with my wide tooth comb while I was rinsing out the conditioner; I lost hair but I lost even more hair while roller-setting the hair. oh well nothing I can do to reverse all that lost hair damage

Lesson Learn... Do not stretch beyond that I can handle. 9 to 10weeks Top.

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wearing a Bandeau.. Just to had to share with everyone that I wasnt "nakey" in the Pic
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  1. admin's Avatar
    On a good note, it looks like your relaxer took nicely.
  2. Tink's Avatar
    Ooo I know what you mean! I was used to getting a relaxer every 6-8 weeks and when I started my hair journey I did a 12 week stretch without knowing how to handle that new growth. I had to cut back to 10 weeks. I'm 12 weeks this week and I really need to schedule my appt. *sigh*
  3. Sweet_Intent's Avatar
    Question for any relax heads: Would doing a light blow-out of my NewGrowths help with that problem? I lost alot of hair because the NG was matted and knotted all with each other and I was just defeated so im thinking maybe to help me stretch to 10 weeks I can do a slight blow-out?
  4. NJoy's Avatar
    I do hear some say that blowing out the ng helps. I don't do it because I'm paranoid about that line of demarcation.

    For me, cowashing more often helped during the early part of a stretch. I can get in there with my conditioner and finger detangle to break up any tangles before they really set in. Oil rinsing helps and dc'g with my steamer helps.

    Shoot, I was cowashing daily when I was bonelaxed and having no problems at all. It's when I slow up on cowashing deep in a stretch (trying to lower manipulation) that I start running into problems. Also, deep in a stretch, I twist or braid my ng to stretch it while it airdries. I don't even attempt twistouts or braidouts. I just don't want to give my ng a chance to act up. I wore a braidout once. It was pretty but, it was only for 1 day. I guess I could do a twistout but leave the ng twisted. Maybe I'll try that one day.

    Anywho, that's my two cents.