Unintentional Stretching, Scalp Buildup, The Oil Slick, and Tonight's Dinner!

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Hi ladies! Just wanted to let you guys know what's on my mind right now.

1) Today, I am 11 weeks and 2 days post. It's been a long time since I've stretched more than 10 weeks and I don't see a hair appointment in my future any time soon. This is mainly due to my schedule with the babies. I definitely want to get a relaxer before my son's first bday which is September 14th. Thankfully, I'm not having any trouble with my newgrowth. I believe the henna really helped. Or maybe it's a combination of the henna and everything else I'm doing. I may call my stylist next week to try and nail down a date tho...

2) So I cowashed my hair yesterday because I got a lil' crazy with the sulfur mix! I was overdue for a wash anyway. When I finished, my hair felt great but there was still buildup on my scalp. I've tried only a few different products that claim to clarify but to me it's more about technique. Clarifying products don't seem to make their way to my scalp but when I mix shampoo and water in a spray bottle and section my hair and spray it directly on my scalp I seem to get better results. What's your clarifying routine???

3) I'm still working on finding the right balance in applying my sulfur mix. Evidently I'm using wayyyy too much. Haven't quite figured it out yet so I'm dealing with the good ole oil slick. Maybe I should just squirt some in a separate container and apply it with my fingertips instead of directly from my applicator bottle. IDK...opinions???

4) I'm trying a new recipe tonight: chicken tetrazzini. I'm including a link to the video. What's on your menu for tonight's dinner?
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  1. NJoy's Avatar
    I stave off scalp buildup by doing scalp-only shampoo'g. I alternate between and sls and a non sls poo. I use my fingertips to apply and lather up my scalp pretty well by massaging it all over my scalp. Then, when I rinse it out, the diluted run off gets the length of my hair. I've never had build up on my scalp. Also, consider the oils that you're using. Oh, and I also use steam to help keep my scalp healthy and keep my pores clear.

    Chicken tetrazzini sounds delish!