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Airdrying and How I wore my hair.

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I'm getting a lot of pm's asking various questions and, as talkative as I am, I'm going into great detail trying to respond. But, I'm finding myself responding to the same types of questions. So, I'm posting some of my responses in an effort to share as much information as possible with everyone.

I was asked about my method of airdrying and how I wore my hair so that it was presentable (or something like that). Here's my response:

Early on, I did a lot of wet bunning. So, after I got out of the shower, moisturized and sealed my hair, I'd let it hang for a few minutes while I brush my teeth and dry off and stuff. Then I'd put my hair in a bun (which wasn't that impressive at first). I'd baggy my bun to keep it moist throughout the day and then cover the baggied bun by wrapping it with a scarf (like this) or by covering it with a phonytail. That way my hair still looked neat while my ends stayed moist. Now, I wash my hair in 4 sections and braid each section in a loose braid after I moisturize and seal. I've been able to work from home most of the year so, I take those braids and roll the ends onto satin-covered rollers to protect my ends. Or, if I'm out, I pin my 4 braids up in the back and slap on a 1/2 wig. I don't wear the front out to blend it. Instead, I chose a wavy style wig so that I can still tuck my braids and my part shows with my ng, which is wavy too. I add a scarf so that it looks something like this or I use a decorative headband and it looks like my avi pic.

Oh, and often, under the wig, I have on a plastic cap covered by a black satin sleep cap (so that the plastic doesn't show thru the wig) just to keep my hair moist.

I don't trust weaves, although I know they work for some. And I don't like full wigs, even tho I do have a couple that I have worn on occasions. Keeping my hair braided (really plaits) and just tucked is my form of low manipulation while I'm stretching.

I hope that all made sense. You want your hair to grow but you also have to preserve your ends so that it adds up. And with all the moisture that my hair gets with baggying and overnight baggying, I have to make sure that my protein/moisture balance stays on point. I use aphogee 2 min reconstructor when my hair starts feeling too soft. The more you deal with your hair, the easier it will be to know what it needs.

Good luck, girl. Just remember that your hair is always growing. Just expect it to grow fast and keep telling yourself that it is. It will. Don't make the mistake I see some doing which is to always complain about your hair growing slow or being a slow grower. Even if you think it's true, don't ever say it. Just keep convincing yourself that it grows fast and it will.

Oh, and to get my edges flat. I slap some aloe vera gel on the front of my hair and tie a satin scarf tightly around the front of my hair for about 10-15 mins. Not only does that lay it flat, but also made my hair shiny. Look:
That's texlaxed 4b hair laying like that!

Last thing, never make your wet/damp buns too tight. As your hair starts to dry (the hair outside the baggy), it will get tighter and that will be too much tension on wet hair. Don't worry about making the bun too perfect. Perfect the look with your scarf or tshirt wrap. Again, good luck and keep in touch!


  1. Missjae's Avatar
    The advice about no saying your hair grows slow is priceless... i'm certainly guilty of that. I'm definitely going to work on changing my mentality!