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Flashback to my first month using the sulfur mix

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Flashback to my first month using the sulfur mix:

I got 2 inches of growth in March 2010. I'm not sure if that was my scalp's initial reaction to the mix or what. Somewhere in January, I hopped on the mtg bandwagon and tried to stick that out. I absolutely got growth so, I know my scalp responds to sulfur. But the smell was FUNK-YYYY! I tried to start with Boundless Tresses but, it took forever to come in so, I went out and purchased MTG. When BT finally came in (must've been 5 wks later), I tried that but didn't get the tingle that I got with MTG. After about a week, I didn't feel like it was doing anything so, I added MTG because I was SURE MTG worked. But, the smell reminded me that I couldn't do it. I put both away and went out to purchase MegaTek. Now, I know some say Megatek smells great but, I just could NOT hack that too sweet smell. It made me nauseous so, I gave that away after day 2. Suddenly, I was tempted to go back to MTG but the smmmmmelllllllllll! That's when I got the idea to make my own. I'm sure that's what motivates a lot of us to suddenly become kitchen mixtresses.

I started hanging out in the sulfur challenge and reading everything that I could on sublimed sulfur. The last thing I wanted to do was burn my hair out experimenting without research. I read the warnings about not going over 10% and agonized over getting the measurements correct. The tricky part was recognizing that dry weight (sulfur) and fluid weight (oils) are not comparable. So I started researching conversions and asking chem friends to double check me. I knew that MTG used a 5% sulfur solution so, I had to stay somewhere between 5% (which I knew from experience works for me) and 10% (the danger zone in my mind). I feel pretty confident that I concocted a 7-8% solution, depending on how heaping my teaspoon was.

I patch tested for a week before I was certain that I wasn't going to have a reaction (my skin is pretty picky). As said before, once I started using the mix, I had oil everywhere!!! I tried spa headbands to keep the oil from dripping down my neck only to end up with oily spa headbands that sponged oil everywhere. I finally found what works for me, which was to cut back on the amount used and to apply one section at a time, massaging it in before moving on to the next section.

When I saw that I had grown 2 inches in March, I could NOT believe it! I double and triple checked my measurement. Finally, I dragged hubby in to measure for himself and to help me take pics so that I could share.

Just thought I'd share my first month's progress for inspiration. Consistency is key. My applications were nightly, without fail. I was greasy to start but, it got better. Be encouraged!

Oh, and before anyone asks, here's the link to my sulfur mix.
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    Thanks so much for the reminder! I needed that today =)