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Updated Reggie (including recipe for my sulfur mix)

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My reggie has been updated. Below is my original reggie along with the link to the sulfur mix. My current reggie is here.

I'm being asked for my updated reggie so often that I've decided to just copy my response to someone's message to me asking for it.

Hey, girl. Everybody's asking and I'm just as amazed as everyone else. Other than very recently, because I'm 13 weeks post, I've been cowashing daily and using a homemade oil and sublimed sulfur mix night nightly. I DC weekly, always using aphogee 2 minute for about 5 minutes before my moisturizing DC w/steam. I also use aphogee 2 min and Porosity Control if my hair feels like it needs it. I moisturize and seal with ntm silk touch leave in (or HELTR LI) and seal with hot six oil (was using a homemade EVOO/EVCO/Wheatgerm oil mix but hot six already has that in it so..). From time to time I'll also do nettle/black tea rinses with SAA added. I really like this rinse becaues the nettle makes the scalp tingle.

I'm taking supplements: msm, nac (L-cysteine), vite E, horsetail and a prenatal vite. I used to take biotin but stopped because of the crazy breakouts.

But mainly, I'm protective styling almost exclusively to retain every inch. I've been wearing a baggied bun for a long time and then moved to 2 and now 4 braids, and I wrap the ends on satin-covered rollers and allow my hair to airdry like that or loose with a scarf over my edges (but mostly in braids). If I let it airdry loose, I may also blowdry on cool after it's about 75% airdried. My ends have only seen the light of day twice this year and both times are the only times that I used a flat iron.

My reggie is pretty basic, I think.

Oh, I meant to say that I've been working from home so I can wear my braids with rollers around the house. But if I go out, I take off the rollers, pin my braids back and throw on a 1/2 wig with a scarf or headband covering where the wig starts. I've just committed to guarding my ends like Fort Knox.

The recipe for my sulfur mix can be found here.

I hope my hair continues to move at this pace and am happy to answer any questions that you may have. Just register free and send me a PM. I'll get back to you as quickly as I can. In the meantime, happy hair growing (HHG)!!

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