Henna Results and Starting Length Pic

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Okay, it's late so if I sound crazy it's because I'm half asleep. I was very pleased with my first henna experience. This is what I used Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	154 I mainly wanted to henna using the Nupur brand for the strengthening and conditioning benefits I'd heard about from "TheTruthIsHair" on youtube. I wasn't sure if I would notice any color changes since this henna is a blend. When I finished, I thought that there was no color change but then I realized that the 2 or 3 gray strands I had were a reddish brown. The rest of my hair looked the same to me. I do plan to henna again using this same brand and next time I will omit the lemon because I don't think it made a difference. When I decide to henna for color, I'll probably try a different brand. So anyway, after I finished, my hair was noticeable stronger! My hair strands felt thicker and I loved it! It was also soft. I was in a hurry so I put about 4 flexirods in front for some bangs and put the rest up using an ez comb. Click image for larger version. 

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And last, but not least, my starting pic. Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	156I'm not even gonna be discouraged about how this pic looks because I am NEVER going to back to this! Before I had 2-3 major setbacks back to back I was at 20 inches. I plan to do a post about that another time. Also, I think I'm going to dust on August 5th or 6th because those are the dates for lunar trimming to grow longer hair. And of course, I'm doing the sulfur challenge. I haven't started yet because I need to get an applicator bottle. Thought I had one but couldn't find it. Anyway, HHG to all! =)
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  1. NJoy's Avatar
    Thanky ma'am for posting! I'm so glad it turned out well for you. Can you notice the subtle color highlights? I see color in your side shot. But of course, it should be more noticeable in the sunlight. And what a good idea taking pic with measuring tape. Thanky Tink's hubby.
  2. Tink's Avatar
    I can barely see the highlights but they're there. I am taking control of my ends. I don't mind wearing my hair up as long as I can have some bangs so that's what I plan to do to help my ends. I need to figure out a way to keep them baggied...

    BTW, how often do you henna???
  3. Sweet_Intent's Avatar
    Strenghtening and Soft... Thats what my hair needs right now. You survived your first Henna expreince ... so would you say its a must, will you be doing it again? Ur Nupur brand was already a blend so did you just add warm water to mix it? What was the purpose of the Lemon?

    Im still scared over here... But Iam looking to incorparate a full Ayurvedic Regimen so Henna is in my future
  4. Tink's Avatar
    Yes, I think this is a must for me! I plan to do it every two weeks if I can. I didn't warm my water. I just used room temperature distilled water. I decided to add lemon because I thought it was supposed to help the color release. Since I'm not particular about color right now, I won't worry about doing that next time. The directions on the package only call for water (oil is optional)