Silly Hubby & Henna Update

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My hubby and I had the following conversation a few minutes ago:
Hubby: Where's that chocolate stuff you were making yesterday?
Me: What chocolate stuff?
Hubby: The stuff you had in the bowl?
Me: That's not chocolate. That's henna for my hair.
Hubby: What?! I thought you were baking me some brownies.
Me: Do you want me to bake you some brownies?
Hubby: No. I'll just eat the henna.

lol he is so silly! Anyway, so I mixed my henna last night around 5pm. Before I went to bed, I detangled and did a prepoo because I plan to wash and airdry before I henna this evening. For my prepoo, I used the ORS replenishing pack and applied it to my newgrowth only like a relaxer. Then I heavily coated my hair in EVOO, did four 2-strand twists and then made a bantu knot out of each twist. I wrapped my hair is saran wrap then put on my satin scarf and my satin bonnet. I'm still wearing it because I've been dealing with the kids all morning. I'm going to wash in about an hour or so and airdry. I plan to put the kids to bed around 7:30 or 8pm and do my henna after that. Wish me luck! After I wash it out, I plan to wear my hair in a bun and set some bangs on flexirods. That's how I'll wear it to church. Monday I want to flat iron so I can do a length check because I really want to be able to see me progress and I didn't take a pic after my June relaxer.
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  1. admin's Avatar
    Wishing you the best. And your hubby is hilarious!!!
  2. ebsalita's Avatar
    He he that was a cute story. Hope the henna goes well,
  3. Sweet_Intent's Avatar
    Lol. So what did u mix your henna with? I want to hear more about the results
  4. Tink's Avatar
    I mixed it with distilled water and lemon juice. I was waiting til I flat ironed before I did a results post but I will say that I am very pleased! My babies are fussing so I'll come back later with more info. lol