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2 inches of growth in March?! Oh yeah!

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For those of you asking, my reggie is basically the same with a few tweaks. I don't have time to go back and compare it to what I posted previously. Here's what I shared with a friend today:

Daily cowashing. I'm mainly using Mill Creek Biotin Conditioner, ApHogee 2 min reconstructor, NTM Daily Deep Conditioner for my regular cowashes. (ETA: I don't use ApHogee daily. Weekly and/or as needed. But it stays in my shower. )

For deep conditioning, I use NTM Recovery Mask (or something like that) mixed with EVOO, Wheat Germ Oil, honey and garlic extract. I use my steamer for deep conditioning, and (if I really need want an extra deep conditioning, I'll DC with the mixture overnight and then steam it).

I detangle in the shower only, mostly. After my shower, I spray my hair with a mixture of water and aloe juice, then moisturize and seal. Generally I use NTM silk touch leave in, CO or WGO, Elasta QP olive oil/mango butter and then Hawaiian Silky 14-n-1. It's very moist, conditioned and sealed. I bun and baggy the bun. I smooth aloe gel on my edges and wrap my head in a satin scarf for at least 10 mins to get my edges to lay down. The aloe gel keeps them down all day. And that's pretty much my wash and go. I cover my baggied bun with a scarf or phony tail and leave it like that all day.

When I take my hair down in the evening, I massage in my homemade growth mix, part it down the middle and french braid or two strand braid each side of my hair to the back, baggy the ends and pin it up. Before going to bed, I do a whole-head baggy with a scarf on top.

Supplements: Biotin (upped to 10 mg), MSM, GNC Ultra Nourish, Evening Primrose Oil, Garlic, HSN-W & prenatal vite.

The only scalp massaging I do is massaging in my sulfur mix and that's just to distribute it. I haven't done a jbco massage since I first ran out in Feb, even tho I have more. I do oil rinses every 1-2 weeks. Clarify monthly with Quantum. Oh, and I did my trim based on lunar cycle, not that I know much about it. And, I personally think the biggest factor is visualizing WL hair. I don't think about what I have or am going to have. I visualize as having it now.

This may be too much or too little for some, but it works great for me. HTH!