GHE Method

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How often should I do the Ghe Method, every night or every other night ?


  1. NJoy's Avatar
    I think that's really up to you. Keep in mind that GHE will add moisture to your hair so, for those who are wearing their hair straight and don't want reversion, I would say skip GHE. But for the rest of us, if you're GHE with the oil, then I would say to at least do so every time you use the hair growth oil. Daily GHE shouldn't be a problem. BUT, keep in mind, especially if you are relaxed, that you have to pay attention to your protein/moisture balance. Too much moisture can be a problem similar too too much protein (although easier to correct). If you are regularly using GHE and your hair starts to feel too soft or mushy when wet, you may want to do a light protein treatment periodically to add structure.

    FYI, when I was relaxed and cowashing daily, I GHE every night. I still do most nights now. Hope that helps.