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In the beginning...My reggie as posted in March 2010.

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Mainly, I'm keeping lots of moisture on my hair. I'm in a baggied bun challenge and a wet bun challenge. It's real easy for me because I cowash practically every day. I clarify maybe once a month, otherwise, I'm just using conditioner. While it's wet, I'm spraying my hair with a mixture of aloe juice & water. I squeeze it a bit so that it's not dripping wet. The I use NTM leave in (or bioInfusion Moisturizer) and seal with coconut oil. I recently started using Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter to seal, but that's really recent. Then I bun and baggy the bun. I wear phonytails over the baggied bun or a scarf wrapped around my baggied bun as my protective style. It doesn't get boring because I still get to sling differnt style ponytails. If I want to wear a down look, I do a whole head baggy beneath a wig (which is why I was looking at wigs).

My ends stay moist in the baggied bun so, I don't really have to worry about remoisturizing like some ladies do. But I might mist the hair that is out and smooth on some Hawaiian Silky 14 in 1 just to keep that hair moist throughout the day.

At night, I wear a whole head baggy beneath my scarf. I wake up with moist hair but, I work from home so, it's not a biggie for me. If I need to go out right away and it's cold, I baggie beneath a wig.

I've also used growth aids early on. I think mtg gave me growth. I applied that to my scalp every other day. But the smell was stinky so, I tried BT on my 3rd week (that's how long it took for it to come in the mail. ) It didn't tingle or feel like it was working so, I added MN. Tried that mix for a couple days but didn't "feel" like it was working either. Seems like I could "feel" growth with mtg. So I added mtg to the mix to turbo boost it.

I've since stopped using everything and made my own sulfur-based mix because I just couldn't deal with the mtg smell (I'm in a sulfur challenge). I've been using that for about a month. I think the sulfur products do something to clean up the scalp so that it can grow properly. PS is helping me to retain like a mug! I'm floored by the pace that my hair seems to be moving, compared to some.

I'm planning to continue to keep my ends baggied until my birthday in June. I'll wear it down then but, my ends better not get used to being out in public because they're going right back into a nice moist ps.