Accidental Transitioner!

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Hi ladies! I know I've been MIA but I hope everyone's new year is off to a great start! So, my last relaxer was in September and I was planning to get another one in December before my anniversary. My schedule got busy so I didn't go. The more I thought about going, the more I didn't want to. I started looking at all the beautiful heads of natural hair and decided to give transitioning a try. I plan to do a detailed blog about that later. I trimmed about 1 - 2 inches on January 11th and I'm still grazing APL. I have been having a lot of breakage and shedding. I believe it's partly due to improper maintenance and also my diet. I know I can supplement my way to good health but I hope that multivitamins will help. I haven't committed to the transition. I just decided to take it a week at a time and see how it goes. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. NJoy's Avatar
    Yay! Welcome back, Tink! There's a lady on my facebook page that uses the name "Tink". I thought it was you. lol

    So you're about 4 months post? Awesome. I eased into transitioning too. After doing a 6 month stretch, I decided to go for a year. And if I made it to a year, I'd officially call it a transition. That took some of the pressure off me, in case I couldn't handle it (plus I was going thru a tough time with my mom's illness at the time).

    As or tips, remember that the line of demarcation (the point where the relaxed and natural hair meets) is delicate and breaks easily. Keep the manipulation down to a minimum as much as possible to avoid breakage. Also, keep this area well-moisturized, as dryness contributes to it's fragility. The winter months should be easy because you should put your hair up and away anyway. But at the same time, winter weather dries hair out so, you'll have to be sure that your hair is protected from the elements.

    Also, you will experience some degree of breakage no matter what. Don't panic. Remember that you intend to cut those ends off anyway, eventually. So, don't get too attached. Your headed for a new head of hair. Keep that in mind.

    Good luck and I'll be watching and cheering you on.