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Getting back on track.

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For months I have been trying my best to stay on track with my challenges, blogging and delivering orders while my father was in the hospital in serious condition. On Friday, August 16, 2013, my father passed away and now joins my mom in glory. But still, there was work to do. With 4 brothers, it seemed the bulk of the funeral arrangements work was solely on me, and that was fine. At least it kept me too busy to consider the gravity of my loss. But, for a few days after the funeral, I crashed. Oh, I tried to check in here and there but a sista slept like I hadn't slept in years. I'm thankful for that rest. Because now I feel rested, I feel the peace that surpasses all understanding and I know that the Lord has been covering me in His blessings. I'm thankful.

So now what? I'll tell you what. I'm getting BACK on track with my hair. BACK on track with my workouts (erm, as if I were ever on track, huh? )

I'm happy to find that my hair is still growing. At least my fro is blowing up big time. I'm trying to get back to visualizing my goals and creating success in all aspects of my life.

I didn't think it could be so but, life is going on...even with my mommy and daddy gone. But I smile thinking about how thrilled they are to be with each other once again. My father never recovered from losing my mother in 2011. Being with her is all that he'd ever wanted. And now they're together again, at last.

R.I.P. Mom and Dad. Time for me to get back to the business of living. ~Thank You, Lord.
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  1. MsDarling's Avatar
    Sorry to hear that NJoy, but your father is in a better place for sure.

    Yes, the sleep is what you needed, when my mother passed, I was a kid, and all I did was sleep.

    Like they say: life is for the living, so let's live it.

    Sending you positive vibes
  2. Tink's Avatar
    I am so thankful that God blessed you with two wonderful parents. I'm thankful for the time you were able to enjoy them and the memories you have. I know He is comforting you through this and even though it hurts, we don't sorrow like those who have no hope. Death has already been swallowed up in victory and you know you will see your parents again! Thanks be to God for His Son's sacrifice that has given us eternal life!!!