Wig Wearing Regimen

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I am proud to say I wear a wig now. Lol! The best part is knowing I don't HAVE to wear one, I AM CHOOSING TO WEAR ONE as a protective style for my hair. I am so excited! Before placing the wig on: I massage Njoy Long and Healthy Hair Growth Oil to my scalp for nonetheless of 10 minutes, damp my hair with water from spray bottle, add Cantu Leave in Conditioner concentrating on my ends, I twist or braid the ends, tuck or fold, and I apply a flat hair clip to hold in place. I place two wig caps on top of my head, then I a style my wig on top of my head. For extra hold, I use four hidden bobby pins in hair to prevent any movement of the hair. I will cowash hair on this Sunday and repeat the beginning. I don't plan to wash my hair until next Sunday. I will use prepoo oil, before cowash and on next Saturday, use prepoo as my sealer on wash day, massage for nonetheless of 10 minutes, use Palmer's Coconut Oil Milk Hair Lotion to detangle if need be, add Cantu Leave in for ends, twist or braid ends, tuck or fold, and apply flat hair clip to hold in place. My new regiment for the next two weeks. I am currently using Shea Moisture shampoo and conditioner. Last blog has full name of shampoo and conditioner. I have less shedding now that I switch shampoo. BTW my hair is cut in layers which is why in the videos my ends look a lil thin. BC was 03 July 2013, any suggestions of when I should trim ends? My end are still even and I can tell my layers are definitely growing out.
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  1. NJoy's Avatar
    Girl, I feel you on being excited that the wig is your choice and not a necessity, What are you wearing? Share the deets!

    I think, if your ends are not splitting, you should just leave them alone and just keep an eye on them.