Something New for Different Results

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I didn't have a hair journal and decided I would keep one here. I use to flat iron my hair at least twice a week for work and decided to try no heat management for my hair. This was to identify no heat styles, protect from any heat damage, and challenge my creativity while staying within military regulations. I have been successful wearing a frohawk for two weeks, flat ironed once, and going on third week no heat . I do not use a comb, I use the Prepoo as a detangler, cowash daily, I use Garnier Hydra conditioner, apply Njoy's Prepoo Moisture sealer massaged in scalp, but attention to ends, to make my frohawk soft I apply rosewater, Cantu Sheabutter Leave-in Conditioner throughout hair, EcoStyle Olive Oil gel to my hair to hold waves, and Olive Oil pomade for edges. I drink aloe water, green tea, exercise daily and protein shakes daily. All natural products by HerbalLife. So far, I have less shedding than before my haircut on 03 July, my hair strands are a lot thicker, shinier, and altogether healthier. I don't notice length change, but my spouse say he does. I won't measure or double check until 04 August. Please leave questions or comments below.


  1. NJoy's Avatar
    Seems like everyone else notices change before we notice our own growth. Hair anorexia at it's finest.

    Er um...any frohawk pics to share?
  2. Royal_Woman's Avatar