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Birthday Length Check

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Hey Divas! Yesterday was my birthday and I spent the whole day pampering myself with a spa/hair day. I DC, airdried and flat ironed my hair. I think I used a bit too much heat protectant because my hair felt strong but oily. Anyhoo, here's the length check pic for June 23, 2011,

I love this new length, which I'm claiming FWL. It feels awesome.


  1. Lovetoinspire's Avatar
    That is dream hair! Wow!
  2. NJoy's Avatar
    Yay!!! Thanks for the compliment!

    It's getting there. That's lightly flat ironed. I'd love for it to hang that long without having it flat ironed. That's why I'm going for hip length. I'm hoping HL hair will hang somewhere around this length without having to flat iron.